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Fic: The Mission (3): Deep Cover
Title: The Mission (3): Deep Cover
Characters: Sephiroth/Genesis/Cloud
Series: FFVII: Crisis Core
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1600
The Mission: Prequel | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24
Art Link: Hot Dinner | Alt Link: DeviantArt

“Sephiroth, I have a confession to make.”

"Hm?" Sephiroth barely looked up from his files.

“I've come terribly close to sinning today,” Genesis continued breezily, stretching himself out on the seat.

“How so?”

“I saw a delectable little blond boy in the hallways today. Trooper, pretty as they come, eyes like the sky.” Genesis trailed off, staring at the ceiling. “I really wanted to drag him into a dark corner and have my wicked way with him, but I resisted! Oh, how I resisted!” He sighed dramatically, playing it up and enjoying every minute of it. “Aren't you proud of me?”

Sephiroth smirked. “Very.” His sigh was more genuine. “I wish we could drag him into dark corners. He makes such a cute sound when he's surprised.”

“Doesn't he, though?” Genesis righted himself. “And then he tells us not to call him our 'little chickabo'. He's too precious sometimes.”

“Hmm.” Sephiroth actually paused in his stamp-and-signing to contemplate. “I wish it wouldn't cause such a scandal.”

“So do I.” Genesis picked at at the seam in the upholstery. “Sephiroth,” he said quietly. “I was very good today, wasn't I?”

Sephiroth looked up. He knew this game. “Yes. You were a good boy, Genesis, resisting temptation.”

“And don't good boys deserve a reward?” Genesis asked coyly.

Sephiroth set his paperwork down. “Come over here and get it.”


“You like duck, don't you?”

“Um...” Cloud knew the right answer was 'yes', but the glazed meat with intricately carved vegetable garnishing laid out on the china before him was hardly recognizable as duck. At least, not duck as he knew it. “I guess.”

Sephiroth grumbled. “Told you we should have ordered the fish.”

“Fish was two dates ago,” Genesis snapped under his breath. “And La Couronne makes excellent duck.”

“Uh, sirs?” Cloud still hadn't broken out of the habit. “You really don't need to do all this for me, you know.” He eyed the table, set with crystal, silver and a spotless tablecloth. It was a bit much for a boy from the mountains.

Genesis put a hand on Cloud's shoulder. “But how else can we make it up to you? We can't take you out of the building.” Not with cameras ready to flash, tongues ready to wag, and Turks ready to carry out ridiculous orders. It was as much for Cloud's safety as theirs.

“Look, it's not that I don't appreciate it, but even if we have to date inside the building, you don't need to do all this.”

Sephiroth looked down. “Don't you like it, Cloud?”

Cloud swallowed. “Well, not really. I don't know how to pronounce any of this stuff.” He looked down at his feet. “And I never know what fork to use.”

Sephiroth brightened. “Neither do I! Well, I didn't for a long time.”

“Seph?” Genesis' face was puzzled.

Sephiroth put his arm around Cloud's shoulder and gestured at the set-up. “There's no need to worry too much about all this. It's just how Genesis preens for his new mates. He did the same thing when we started seeing each other.”

“Hey, Sephiroth.” Genesis ran around to face the man. “You never told me you didn't like it either.”

“Angeal told me not to hurt your feelings.”

Genesis wanted to have a snappy comeback for that but the urge faded quickly. “What is it with me and all these unschooled country boys?” He slumped somewhat and blew his hair out of his eyes. “So, shall we just scoop it all up and take it to the couch then?”




“I said 'no', and 'no' means 'no'. Banana no!”

“Back off, Seph, he's serious about this one.”

Sephiroth frowned. “But I made sure to lube it really well.”

Cloud propped himself up on his elbows and clamped his legs shut tight. “I said NO, Sephiroth. No toys bigger than a soda can!”

Sephiroth sighed and set the dildo down on the nightstand. “Okay.” He slid off the bed and reached for his robe.

Cloud and Genesis followed his moves, perplexed. “Sephiroth,” Genesis called, “where are you going? He didn't say we had to stop everything.”

“I'll just be a minute,” he answered, and left.

Cloud looked at Genesis. “I didn't mean to run him off. Is he okay?”

Genesis scooted closer to Cloud and wrapped his arms around the boy. “He's like that sometimes. I'm sure he's fine, probably just gone to burn off the excess, if you know what I mean.” Cloud burrowed against Genesis' chest, on the verge of being very upset.

Sephiroth, true to his word, was back in a minute. “Where'd you go?” Genesis hissed at him, cuddling Cloud closer. “You almost ruined the whole night.”

“I didn't mean to,” Sephiroth said in earnest. “I just wanted to make sure.” He held up the fruit of a late trip to the vending machines. He began to root around their toy chest for comparison.

Cloud peered out from his nest in Genesis' arms. “What are you doing?”

“Measuring,” Sephiroth said.

Genesis and Cloud glanced at each other. “Did you have to get grape?” Genesis grumbled. “You know I hate grape.”

“That's exactly why I got it,” Sephiroth said, selecting a slender plug just the color of Cloud's eyes. “So you won't be stealing it to take a sip when I need it for measuring. Now pass me a condom.”


“How come you weren't more surprised, Cloud?” Genesis asked one morning.

“Surprised about what?” Cloud squirted more body wash onto the sponge. Apple. It was always apple with Genesis.

“That we found you pretty.”

“What, didn't I act flattered enough for you?” Cloud smirked up at Genesis and continued to scrub. “Half the base was already trying to get into my pants.”


Cloud shrugged. “You know, buncha guys, locked up and stressed out, no girls around.” His motion slowed just a fraction. “They'll go for the next best thing, apparently.” He didn't say anymore. Genesis stared down at his small lover and tried to see blue eyes and blond hair instead of only red.


“Fifty push-ups, you pansies! And then fifty more! God, I can't believe I've got to man up such a bunch of sissies! And quit your whining! The way you girls carry on it's like you expect the Generals themselves to come down here and rescue you! Well I got news for you, dollfaces. You might be as queer as a duck in a g-string but ain't a one of you pretty enough for that! Not even you, Strife, so get that smirk off your face and give me fifty more!


“Excellent reflexes, Cadet,” Sephiroth commended. This was the General speaking and his rare compliments were a prize. “Quick thinking under fire and complete mastery of the equipment.”

“Not to mention a superb job rescuing your comrades in arms,” Genesis said, stepping from the smoke.

Cloud blushed. “Yeah, well...” He set the fire extinguisher down and glanced around the ruined kitchen. “Thanks, and all that, but next time we could just order pizza.”


“You pitiful excuse for a thespian!” Genesis shouted at the screen. “You're not fit to be an organ grinder's monkey.”

“He does know they can't hear him, right?” Cloud asked, looking up at Sephiroth.

“Shh, just let him yell. It's more entertaining than the movie.” Sephiroth helped Cloud balance the giant bowl of popcorn in his lap.

“I heard that!” Genesis turned on them. “Honestly, some people have no appreciation for the classics.” He turned back to the screen with a huff. Sephiroth and Cloud huddled closer on the couch, smothering snickers.

“Ugh, that delivery is pitiful!” Genesis soared to his feet as the actor flubbed another line. “I've seen better acting from a drunk sewer rat!” He twitched as popcorn hit him in the ear.

“Down in front!” Cloud said. Genesis turned and glared.

“Watch out, Gen,” Sephiroth warned, scooping up more popcorn. “This stuff's buttered.”


Sephiroth sat in his tent and ate a lonely dinner. His phone rang when he was halfway through. A continent away, in a field just as bare, what Genesis said was “Hello”. 'I miss you' was what he didn't.

They spoke about enemy movements. They chattered briefly about the weather, because it affected troop placement. They even complained, obscurely, about orders, because that was expected of military men.

They didn't talk about empty beds, or missing friends, or the one they couldn't call because he was ranked too lowly to have his own phone.


They didn't give Cloud their schedules. It wasn't just the relationship that had to stay secret. Cloud usually found out anyway, on his time off. They had given him keys, after all.

Sometimes he fixed himself a sandwich. Other times he hugged his knees and watched TV. Most times he curled up in the center of that big bed and slept for a while, dreaming of leather and apples.


“Shh,” Sephiroth whispered. “Don't wake him.”

“Of course not,” Genesis replied, slipping off his coat. “We have all day tomorrow, don't we?” Sephiroth nodded and inched closer to Cloud. There was much to be said for weekends, Cloud not needing to be hurried back to the barracks being just the first.

Genesis stripped down and slid between the covers. He was careful but Cloud's eyes fluttered open anyway. He stirred slightly in Sephiroth's arms, making a low sound.

“It's okay, Cloud,” Sephiroth said, stroking his hair. “We're here.”

Genesis brushed Cloud's cheek with long fingers. “Go back to dreaming, Little Chickabo.”

“Mmm,” Cloud mumbled, rolling over. “ 's a good dream.” But it was more than that.

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Aww, this was really good!

I haven't read much in the whole FFVII fandom (sadly, I stick to the few long ones I know are good) and I love watching this comm for updates....

♥your fic!

Thanks! I'm glad you gave my admittedly short and not-so-serious fic series a chance! :)


Actually, the short-drabble like series fics, I think, are the best. They always have the best humor, and don't have the awkwardness that comes from stretching plots and writer's limits.

Will wait for the next one!♥

Awwwww, sweet lil snippets :) Even though the last ones were a bit sad...

I'm still missing some jealousy, though ;)

Jealousy, eh? I'll see what's cooking. ^_~

Absolutely beautiful, I love all your characterization and my favourite part had to be Gen and Seph apart, in the field, on their own, it summed up so much.

Mmm, I do love getting the characterization okays! It's too easy to turn some people off these days. Thanks! :)

OMG I've fallen in love. I am grinning and going to scamper off to work today and hope the kidlets don't drive me nuts! (the students) The idea of Cloud grinning while doing pushups for being told he's not pretty enough for the Generals totally made my day.

Nothing like having a secret to make the day more amusing, after all. ;D

So much in this to like!

Seph running out to the vending machine in the middle of the night. The push-up for 'pansies'. Cloud's quick action with the fire exinguisher. They all made me smile.

The phone calls and the empty bed made me sigh. The relationship may have started out as fun, but it's obviously so much more.

The First Classes did get more than they were expecting. Originally it was supposed to make Angeal jealous but they hardly even remembered him now.

XDDDD This pairing is attracting me like magnet! Love it!

They are developing a certain dynamic there, aren't they? XD Doesn't hurt to have that much pretty in one bed place either.

The was freakin' adorable!!! I loved it!! XD

Thanks! More on the way!

Awww, you have totally sold me on this threesome. *hurls the usual compliments at you, sorry if they've gotten stale* And the nothing-bigger-than-a-soda-can rule, I love it! Assert yourself, Cloudy! :)

He'd better assert himself with those two mako boys riding him. I don't know how much hope there is for that soda can rule once he meets Angeal. ;p

Aww, you're the master! Wonderful little moments! You write these three so well.

Would love to see some Angeal/Zack-references. Could be so much fun to know what Angeal think - does he know at all? Hehe, don't mind me, I'm just caught up in this now... Loved it!

Angeal's got a vague inkling. It'll all come together at some point. ^_~

Can't breathe...laughing too win at writing funny suggestive smutlets. Win so hard. They're so cute and naughty and adorable, and this made my plaguey day much better.

Thank you! I do love funny stuff, of all varieties. ;D

This pairing is so full of win yo, full of WIN!

Thank you! XD More on the way!

“What is it with me and all these unschooled country boys?” He slumped somewhat and blew his hair out of his eyes.


Bwuhahahahaha. I love you!

Gen really just ought to admit he likes 'em rough around the edges. ;D

There is just so much very wrong and very right in that sentence... *fans self*

Cute! The "measuring" part cracked me up. XD

Lots of very silly fic at the journal, no doubt about it. ;D

They make for a cute threesome! I like the little flashes of their times together and apart. Very sweet. ^__^

They are growing on each other pretty well, yes. ^_~

OMG what an awesome trio!! I loved it, the feeling of love, need, melancholy, cuddliness... Is there any chance for more of these three gorgeous soldier-boys? Pretty please?

They've gone and connived a whole story arc for themselves, so yes, there will definitely be more of them in the future. XD

I just realised the reason I like this trio so much: there´s no jealousy among them, they care for each other evenly, miss each other, love each other... not caring about ranks. I like the way Cloud behaves (you HAVE TO be bitchy sometimes if you´re with these two), sometimes shy, sometimes loud.

Oh, and one more thing - you made me LOVE Genesis ;o) His characterisation (well, not only his) here is great! I can´t wait for more...

Banana NO! Hahaha! Funny and cute story. The battlefield lonliness made them all the more precious. I really liked Cloud doing pushups. "Queer as a duck in a g-string" was hysterical. And I don't know if I'll ever be able to drink a grape soda again without laughing. Or measuring.

Now the question is did Cloud mean length or girth. ;D

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