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Fic: The Mission (4): Code Word
Title: Code Word
Characters: Sephiroth/Genesis/Cloud
Series: FFVII: Crisis Core
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2100
Warnings: Starts badly. Gets worse.
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Art Link: Hot Dinner | Alt Link: DeviantArt

When Genesis came in, Sephiroth was on the couch getting a blowjob. The unfortunate little whore was small and ferociously blond. It seemed he must have struggled a bit because there were telltale red handprints on his backside.

Genesis smirked. “Looks like that one gave you some trouble.”

Sephiroth stretched a little. Leather creaked against leather. “Worth every scrape,” he said, tightening a gloved hand in the wild blond hair. The boy made a whimper of protest but it died quickly. “It's hardly worth the effort fucking the ones that don't fight back.”

Genesis turned his back on the scene to hang up his coat. It seemed to take longer than usual and his gloves were sticking in place. In the meantime, the moans behind him were only getting louder. So like Sephiroth to rub it in.

When Genesis looked back, Sephiroth was murmuring poisonous encouragement. The boy made a muffled cry as his head was forced further down. Genesis struggled not to shift and give away his discomfort, but the strain below the belt was becoming hard to bear.

Sephiroth leaned his head back in the seat and worked the boy in a steady rhythm. His eyes were closed and he moistened his lips repeatedly between satisfied groans. Genesis made his way over.

“How long have you had him up here?” he asked. Sephiroth didn't answer. Genesis scowled and nudged Sephiroth's foot with his boot. “Sephiroth, I said how long have you been working him over?”

Sephiroth's eyes fluttered. He looked up languidly. “An hour or two. Problem with that?”

Genesis crossed his arms. “Over an hour and you didn't invite me up to share?”

Sephiroth shrugged. “I figured you'd get here sooner or later.” He slid his hands along the seat cushion and fished up a tube of lube. He tossed it to Genesis with an arch look. “Quit complaining and join in if you want.”

“Hm!” Genesis set the lubricant down and began to work on his belts, using the time to study the kneeling boy. He couldn't see the little one's face too well but he knew Sephiroth's tastes well enough to be sure the boy must be pretty. His body certainly was. Sephiroth had his hand buried too deeply into the blond hair for Genesis to try ruffling it himself, but the spikes seemed utterly natural from what he could see.

He did not bother to undress, just undid his fly and got down on his knees. He pulled the boy back and spread his legs.

“Easy,” Sephiroth hissed. “I'd appreciate it if you didn't jerk him around while his teeth are up here.”

“What?” Genesis challenged. “Can't handle a little pain?” The boy was already slick inside from whatever else Sephiroth had done to him, so Genesis didn't waste any time.

The boy groaned at the first and then began to thrash. Sephiroth's cock slid from his mouth and the boy began to scream.

“Strawberry! Goddamn strawberry!”

Genesis froze. Sephiroth sat up immediately. “Cloud, what's wrong?”

“Here, let me get out-” Genesis began but Cloud had locked his ankles tight and wouldn't let the SOLDIER move.

“Don't you think of even breathing, you bastard!” Cloud glared over his shoulder, eyes watering.

“Cloud,” Sephiroth said, leaning down. “What's the matter?”

Cloud looked up, face going red. “My hair's caught in his belt or something.”

Sephiroth's eyes went wide as he carefully trained his gaze downwards. “Oh, no.”

Genesis tightened his grip on Cloud. “Is it bad?”

“Of course it's bad,” Cloud snapped. “How many times do I have to tell you no anal while you're fully dressed. You stubborn asshole!”

Genesis couldn't deny it but he would have to deal with the fallout later. “Why are you just standing there?” he hissed at Sephiroth. “Get a scissors or something!”

“Right!” Sephiroth tore himself away and ran to the kitchen.

Genesis carefully leaned back, pulling Cloud with him. “Cloud, I'm so sorry.”

“Yeah, save it for when my pubes aren't getting yanked out one by one, 'kay?” Cloud growled. Genesis wisely shut his mouth and listened to the racket Sephiroth was making in the kitchen.

There was a large crash, as if Sephiroth had resorted to tossing the contents of the knife drawer to the ground. Sephiroth himself came racing out, holding his undone pants up with one hand. Genesis scowled. “Didn't anyone ever tell you not to run with scissors?” Sephiroth ignored him.

Cloud took one look and began to twitch. “That's not scissors!” he protested.

“I couldn't find any,” Sephiroth said, nearly wailing. “This is the next best thing.” He brandished the bread knife. Genesis would have slapped him if not for the distance.

“Sephiroth, you can't cut hair with a serrated knife.”

“You're not putting anything that big near my dick!” Cloud hissed. Sephiroth blinked, completely at a loss.

Genesis thought as quickly as he could. “Get a small knife, one of the smooth, sharp ones.”

“Like the one with the orange handle?” Sephiroth asked. They used it to cut nearly everything.

“Yeah, that'll do.”

Sephiroth had the knife quickly and Genesis held a very tense Cloud still while the job was done.

“You guys better not cut me,” Cloud growled, head thrown back so that the words were right by Genesis' ear.

“I won't,” Sephiroth said.

There were three hairs in all that had curled around Genesis' belt buckles. With a light touch on the scrotum and some very careful flicks of the knife, Sephiroth had them cut in no time. As soon as he was released, Cloud jumped off of Genesis and ran to the bathroom to lock himself in.

Genesis collapsed to the carpet with a slight groan. Sephiroth scoffed. “What, was he rough on you?” he asked, looking at the area Genesis was favoring. “You can't say you don't deserve it.” He slumped into his armchair and unabashedly sulked.

Genesis lay curled up on the floor for a moment, then very slowly righted himself. “What are you so upset for? I'm the one who just had the banana bent the wrong way.” He looked down and prodded himself gingerly.

“Oh, speaking of bananas,” Sephiroth began bitterly, “Did you notice how that was the safeword Cloud didn't use?” He crossed his arms and pouted. He hadn't even bothered to zip up his pants. “There I was having a great time and you come along and wreck it all.”

“Spare me your theatrics, Sephiroth. I don't feel like dealing with them right now.”

“You mean the way I always have to deal with yours?”

“Hey!” There was a loud pounding on the bathroom door. “You idiots keep it down! I can hear you from here!”

The SOLDIERs broke off in a bitter silence. Genesis took a deep breath, looking askance. “It was an accident,” he said.

“One that wouldn't have happened if you'd taken Cloud's requests to heart,” Sephiroth grumbled. Genesis thought he heard something like 'self-centered asshole' afterward, but he couldn't be sure.

Wearily, Genesis set about getting his pants in proper order. Sephiroth had a point, at least in this case. As far as Genesis was concerned rules were usually made to be bent if not broken, but that kind of thinking didn't stand with a lover involved, and an unenhanced one at that. Genesis sighed. He looked up but Sephiroth was gone.

He found the General outside the bathroom door, ear to the frame and eyes to the ground. “Cloud,” Sephiroth was saying, trying to speak above the sound of the shower, “do you need anything?”

“I've had quite enough already, thank you very much,” was the spiteful reply.

“Cloud,” Genesis began and stumbled over the next bit. He hated to do this. “Cloud, I'm sorry. I should have undressed properly.”

“Yeah, you should have,” Cloud grunted. Genesis folded his arms and leaned against the wall.

“Cloud?” Sephiroth asked. “Do you need some help in there? You know we have potions out here.”

“And materia,” Genesis added, “Lots of materia.”

They heard Cloud turn the shower off and take a towel off the rack. They had put a set aside just for him, bright blue like his eyes, and a little yellow chickabo washcloth, just because. “Cloud?” Sephiroth asked again.

The pattern of light under the door shifted. He was right there. “Could you guys get me an ice pack?” Cloud asked. The fire didn't seem to be raging anymore, but something was still smoldering.

“Right away, Cloud,” Genesis said and headed for the kitchen. Sephiroth followed.

“What are you going to do?” Sephiroth whispered. “We don't have an ice pack.” SOLDIERs usually just hit each other with a low level ice spell, but that would not do for Cloud.

“We've got frozen peas, don't we?” Genesis asked and began to root through the freezer.

Sephiroth shook his head. “Used the last of them in that soup we made Cloud yesterday.”

“Damn.” Genesis kept looking.

“We have a frozen chunky veg mix,” Sephiroth put in.

Genesis considered it. “Nah, too lumpy.”

“How about that?” Sephiroth pointed.

Genesis stared at him. “My gourmet strawberry ice cream?”

“The carton's just the right size to fit over the affected area,” Sephiroth explained.

Genesis frowned. “Yeah, but how do you expect me to eat it after it's been on Cloud's cock.”

“Seeing as how you've got Cloud's cock in your mouth a lot anyway, with gusto, I'd expect.”

“I see your point.” Genesis took the carton out.

Cloud was still in the bathroom when they got there. Sephiroth knocked lightly. “Cloud? We brought ice cream.” They heard Cloud sigh.

“I didn't ask for ice cream.”

“But wouldn't you like some anyway?” Genesis asked. “It's really delicious and the carton's good and cold.”

There was a pause. “What flavor?”

“You did say 'strawberry',” Sephiroth said.

Cloud groaned. “I don't like strawberry.”

Genesis was confused. “That's not what you said that night with the syrup and the whipped-”

“Ice cream!” Cloud clarified. “I don't like strawberry ice cream.”

“You don't have to eat it, Cloud,” Sephiroth said. “Just use the carton while it's cold and Gen will finish it later.”

Cloud grunted. “Gen's not finishing anything around here. And don't think everything's going to be okay just because you try bribing me with your super-high-fat ice cream.”

“Well, what can we bribe you with?” Genesis was as close to miserable as he'd been in a long time.

For an agonizing while, there was no answer. Then the light under the door shifted again. “I want barbecue.”

“You can have barbecue,” Sephiroth declared in relief.

“And I want to sit in Sephiroth's chair.” It was easily the most comfortable in the apartment.

“You can sit in Sephiroth's chair,” Genesis answered. Sephiroth twitched.

“And I want to watch a movie. And Genesis can't pick it.”

“We'll get you a movie, then,” Sephiroth said, “and I promise there'll be plenty of explosions.” Genesis groaned. “Hush,” Sephiroth whispered at him. “It's your fault we're in the dog house in the first place.”

Genesis sighed. “Cloud? The ice cream's out here when you're ready. We'll just go arrange everything, but don't let it melt completely, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

There was nothing more to be done there, so Sephiroth went to consult the delivery section in the phonebook.


Watching the movie proved awkward for the First Classes. They squeezed themselves into the loveseat to give Cloud his space. He accepted a box full of barbecued chicken wings and ribs well enough, but wouldn't let them near to either pet or soothe. He was obnoxiously loud at the movie's start, cheering for the over-muscled hero with the suspicious accent. Genesis had half a mind to tell him to keep it down, but Sephiroth stopped him with a light kick to the shins.

It turned out not to matter much. Cloud piped down about halfway through the movie and was silent right through the credits.

“Cloud?” Sephiroth asked. There was no answer. Cloud had fallen asleep.

The Firsts approached carefully. Asleep, dressed only in boxers and curled up in a nest of large fleece blankets, Cloud looked angelically touchable again. And terrifyingly young.

“We are sick men,” Genesis said suddenly.

“He's old enough,” Sephiroth answered, though he also had his doubts. “We take good care of him.” He scooped Cloud up, blankets and all. “He won't be mad at us forever, right?”

“Not likely, no,” Genesis agreed as they carried Cloud to bed. Still, Genesis resolved as they tucked the boy in, they'd better make him pancakes in the morning just in case. Pancakes with bananas and strawberries.

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Well, it's obvious who the dominant one is in their relationship. Lololol! You write such great crack.

He does have their balls in his hands. Literally too.

Oh, I do love this Cloud. :D

Fierce!Cloud is fieeeerce! XD

Well now. *amused* I totally see who's in charge of this relationship.

That icon is perfect Sulky!Seph. ;D

They were kind to us, when they gave us that picture. <3

He always had it in him. ;)

HAHAHAHahahahahahahaaa that's awesome. I love Cloud in this, just love him. ^^ He knows how to control his two first class lovers XD

Oh, boy, does he ever know how. ;p

Oh gods, I love your Cloud so muchhhh!!! Poor Genesis, though he deserves it And Sephiroth XD

Yeah, he really was a little spitfire in his younger days. Gen completely deserved it, of course. ;D

Now this is the Cloud that I like to see! ^-^

Raging!Cloud is a fun one. And people call Seph manipulative. XD

Ouch, poor Cloud!!! Although revenge is sweet :D

And best dished up cold, cold, cold as a wet fish. XD

XDDDD I love this Cloud! He may not exactly be the one wearing the pants in the relationship, but he certainly is the one controlling the zipper! XD

Before cute cadet ass, every SOLDIER kneels. XD

Ahhh, zippered by the short hairs! I really laughed at "running with scissors" and Cloud skedaddling to the bathroom to lock himself in. He has Gen and Seph wrapped around his little finger.

Cloud Strife, global superpower. XD

I HOWLED out loud! This was the FUNNIEST thing I've read in ages, I love your humour, the dialogue is so real and very, very funny!

Can't let those boys have too much dignity. ^_~

“Seeing as how you've got Cloud's cock in your mouth a lot anyway, with gusto, I'd expect.”

Bwuhahaha. Someone has a point... Delightful little story as always!

Thanks! You know these boys are looking for their scrapes.

And we are looking for the scraps. :P

Hilarious! I totally cracked up when Cloud said "Gen's not finishing anything around here", ha ha! XD

Cut off and chained in the yard for the night, that's Gen. XD

LOL! There´s only one "top", it seems, and he´s well obeyed, heheheh ;oD

That was fun, thanks!!

Yep, those SOLDIER boys know who owns them. XD

I love bitchy!Cloud, he makes me giggle.
But the idea of Sephiroth and Genesis, two big,strong men hanging outside the bathroom trying to get him to talk to them just KILLS me.

No peen for a month if they don't make nice, you bet they know how to beg. ;D Thanks!

Omg this is hilarious! Loved it.

LOL and SQUEE all at once, Cloud's got the two scariest 1st Classes ever completely trained. You go, baby! :)

Trained and possibly even whipped, yo. Don't ever doubt that pretty boy's skills. ^_~

(Deleted comment)
Way late, but thank you! :D

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