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Fic: The Mission (15) Terms of Surrender
Before we start, I'd like to pimp masamunes_song's sequel to For a Friend. If you like M/M/F threesomes and would like Seph to have at least a glimmer of hope, here it is. (NC-17, Aeris/Zack/Seph)

Title: The Mission (15): Terms of Surrender
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Characters: Genesis/Sephiroth/Cloud, Angeal/Zack, Cloud/Zack
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2415
Notes: I would have had this one up sooner but for battling the flu all holiday. Better late than never! ;p
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“Are you all right?”

“… yeah… That was…”


“Yeah… wow. Hey, where did you learn to do that?”

“Where do you think?”

“You… really know a lot about this kind of thing, huh?”

“With those two around? Kinda hard not to pick it up.”

“I guess. I should get ready to go.”

“You don’t have to. You can stay a while, at least until they’re done talking out there. Besides, your clothes are still wet.”

“Heh, yeah. Guess it would raise some uncomfortable questions if I tried to leave in a towel.”

“You can borrow something of mine. They’d be kind of small but I have big pyjamas.”

“You have clothes here?”

“I have towels and a toothbrush. What’s a little closet space? Here, try this one.”

“… How come so many of your clothes have chocobos on them?”

“Just put it on!”

“Okay, okay. Shirt’s kinda tight.”

“Eh, I’ll take it.”

“Choco-shirt, choco-shorts, I’m seeing a pattern here.”

“… It’s all Gen’s fault. Whoa, what’s with that yawn?”

“Nothing. I get tired, you know, afterwards.”

“Need a nap?”

“Is that okay?”

“You can share my pillow. They won’t complain.”

“If you say so.”

“I do say so.”

“… Okay, then. Lead the way, Blondie.”


Genesis picked his way through the rubble with a sound of disdain. He put a hand on his hip and frowned at the ruined furniture. “I really liked that couch.”

“It’s the same old couch you always had,” Angeal said.

“I liked it!” Genesis snapped. He toed the hacked framework. “It was special,” he said, going soft.

Sephiroth planted himself firmly in his armchair off in the corner. It was almost the only thing to survive the melee intact. He took a look around the place. Given three First Class SOLDIERs with three very large swords in spacious but still close quarters as battling went, he supposed the damage was inevitable. How much would Genesis want him to contribute to redecorating this time?

Angeal carefully set himself down on the scarred coffee table, taking a moment to test his weight on it. He kept to one side to leave room for Genesis, given the lack of alternative seating, but Genesis seemed intent on standing. Or not getting that close to Angeal at any rate. Angeal swallowed.

“So are you going to tell me how this happened?” he asked.

Genesis looked up. “Are you going to tell us why you immediately assumed the worst?”

Angeal grimaced. “That was hasty, I’ll admit, but anyone walking in on a scene like that might think the same.” He looked from one man to the next. “That kid, he looks so young.”

“And your puppy doesn’t?”

“Not like that!” Angeal fumed. “Zack’s got some size on him.”

“So that’s all it is?” Genesis crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, glancing back as scored plaster snagged his shirt. “You of all people rushing in on appearances?”

“It looked like an emergency situation!” Angeal insisted. “Anyone else would have done the same! It’s standard procedure, secure the hostage above all else and then take care of the details.”

“Secure the hostage?” Genesis sprang forward. “Hostage? Is that what you were thinking?”

Angeal would not back down. “What did you think it would look like?”

“I thought,” Sephiroth said slowly, “that it looked exactly like the kind of thing we normally do.” He looked up at Angeal. "Have you been away so long you forgot?"

Angeal had no words. Had he been away that long? He glanced up at Genesis who had turned his back on the scene in disgust and was gesticulating wildly to himself in a silent, one-sided argument. Angeal wanted to reach out to him but knew better.

Angeal sighed. The scene had looked terrible, there was no way around that. The boy, Cloud, was so small, the fine-boned type. His natural pallor only added to the air of fragility around him. And he had looked so, so helpless bound up that way, at anyone’s mercy. Angeal swallowed again.

“So how’d you talk him into it?” he asked.

Genesis spun on one heel. “We didn’t talk him into anything. We asked. He consented.”

Sephiroth nodded in confirmation. “We explained everything to him well beforehand.”

“You did?” Angeal mulled it over. “How long beforehand are we talking, exactly?”

Sephiroth stared at the ceiling to do his silent calculation. “Nearly as long as you’ve been training your student.”

“That long?” Angeal blinked. This was stretching it for a relationship of pure convenience. He thought of the scene in the bedroom again, of the way the other SOLDIERs had cradled the boy and soothed him.

How the hell had that happened?

Genesis was still in a bitter fit. “You didn’t think we were going to sit around waiting for you forever, did you?” He huffed and stalked away.

Angeal did not even have time to admit that he had not even thought of that. The three of them had been exclusive for quite some time before Zack. They had been too distanced from other people by their own shared experiences. They understood one another, knew one another and fit seamlessly into one another’s lives. He had taken Zack on only after great deliberation, sure that Sephiroth and Genesis could keep each other occupied in the meantime.

Except that the puppy’s smiles seemed to have turned his brain to fluff. Sephiroth and Genesis were barely compatible in certain respects. The rivalry in the training room and the battleground exploded in the bedroom. It had been simple enough at first, when Sephiroth had been young and inexperienced, but as he came into his own and decided firmly where his tastes lay, it all fell apart.

They both liked to top. It was blue murder getting one to bottom for the other. It only worked out because Angeal had been there, keeping track of whose turn it was, or willingly bottoming himself if they were being difficult. He had been the balance, the firm-handed, occasionally submissive partner to bridge the gap between them.

A sub. Was that what that Cloud boy had become for them? The one to willingly serve under them? Their little pet?

“He was willing, right?” Angeal asked.

“Of course,” Sephiroth said. Genesis was nowhere in sight. Light clatter gave his position in the kitchen away. Angeal sighed and stood. It would be just like Genesis to be touchy right now. Just like anyone, actually, given a ruined night, an argument with a friend and a hurt lover to top it all off.

“Genesis?” Angeal walked over to the kitchen and stopped at the entryway. The walls looked more scuffed and scorched than he remembered but he soon put it aside. “Genesis?”

Genesis busied himself with pouring a glass of water and studiously ignoring Angeal. It was hard not to feel a pang at that. It was predictable and familiar and in its own way, heart-warming. Angeal wondered how he had gone so long without his friend.

“Genesis, I’m sorry I ruined your night.” It was clear and sincere, the way apologies should be. Angeal would never, on his honor, settle for less.

Genesis froze, his back to the door. “Is that all?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t come see you more,” Angeal continued. It was so surprisingly easy, always had been, to spill his heart to this man. “I’m sorry I neglected you and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the puppy sooner.”

Genesis shut the fridge door and turned around, looking tired. “What about the puppy?”

“That I was bringing him for you. For all of us.” Angeal got a stool from the breakfast bar and sat down. “I’ve been training him to… play… with us. I never meant to keep away so long.”

Genesis rolled his eyes. “Got a little swept up in your training program, did you?”

“I thought it was just a crush at first,” Angeal explained. “If he got what he wanted, he might move on to people his own age. But then it didn’t go away and I didn’t want it to. The only way to keep him and us was to bring him into the fold. I only wanted to make sure he wouldn’t be hurt.”

“So you stayed by him,” Genesis finished, with a hint of bitterness underneath. He took a long drink of water and set the glass down, staring at the fog still forming on its sides. Angeal offered a silent prayer for forgiveness. He reached one hand out across the counter but Genesis pulled away from the contact.

Angeal leaned back and nodded. Genesis could and would hold a grudge. He would steam and stew in his own private rage until he made his peace with it. Then all would be well again. Angeal marvelled at it, that he knew the person before him so well. He had never noticed before how instinctive his understanding of Genesis was. Now he only saw it because he had not let himself have cause to practice it in a while. How had he ever given that up? Zack was special, true, but Genesis was too, and poor Sephiroth was all alone out there in the living room.

“I’ll help clean up,” Angeal said, moving to get the broom.

“Leave it.” Genesis waved him off. “It’s late. I’m tired and I need to make sure Cloud’s okay.”


Genesis left the kitchen with Angeal meekly following. “Seph,” Genesis said, sounding weary, “I’m turning in for the night. Are the pets okay?”

Sephiroth looked away from the television. “The pets?”

Genesis rolled his eyes. “Cloud and the puppy, or course. It’s not like we’re keeping goldfish in here.”

“I wouldn’t mind a bunny rabbit,” Sephiroth said wistfully.


“I haven’t heard anything,” Sephiroth answered. “I suppose they would have called if they needed assistance.”

“Let’s make sure Cloud hasn’t passed out in the tub, okay?”

Sephiroth nodded and rose, taking time to switch the television off. It was almost too bad that it had survived the fight. He would have had no problem paying for an upgrade.

Genesis led the way into the bedroom. He made an angry sound at the rubble on the floor. The hole in the ceiling was not going to be a pleasant fix by any means. But then he saw the boys on the bed, sharing a pillow and one set of dark blue pyjamas, the one bare-chested and the other bare-legged.

“Oh, my.” Never let it be said that Genesis Rhapsodos did not know beauty when he saw it.

Even Sephiroth had to blink. The pair seemed completely at ease, snuggled close to each other for warmth, damp hair still standing tall in furiously stubborn spikes. Dark and gold, tanned and pale, both fine-boned and comely… Sephiroth did not consider himself half the judge of such things as Genesis, but he would definitely say the effect was pleasing. He shifted where he stood.

“Looks like your pup’s already settled down for the night,” he said.

Angeal stood in the doorway, taking it in. “I’ll wake him up and we’ll go.”

“Don’t bother.” Genesis waved him off. “He’s already sound asleep.”

“Am I supposed to just leave him here with you?” Angeal asked.

Genesis looked back, eyes narrowed. “What’s the matter, Angeal? Are you afraid I’ll abuse him while you’re gone?”

“You don’t have to leave.” Sephiroth cut in before things got nasty. “It’s not like you haven’t slept in this bed before.”

Genesis sighed. “Why not, we’ve got the space.”

Angeal glanced over at the bed, trying hard not to stare at the sleeping boys. “Is that okay?”

Genesis shrugged. “You don’t hurt mine, I won’t hurt yours. Oh, but you have to make mine breakfast in the morning. Pancakes.”

“Pan… cakes?” Angeal frowned. What did that have to do with anything?

“Yes, Angeal, pancakes, flapjacks, griddlecakes, fluffy flatcakes cooked in a pan and served with syrup and toppings. You’re making them. A lot of them.”

Sephiroth nodded. “You hurt Cloud, you make him a pancake breakfast in the morning. It’s tradition.”

Angeal blinked. They were starting traditions with this kid? How long had he left them alone, exactly? Then another thought hit him. “Did you make him pancakes?”

Sephiroth shrugged. “When we had to.”

“And he survived?”

“We’re not that bad.” Sephiroth looked away. “We’re getting better.”

Angeal had his doubts about that but Genesis was looking at him expectantly. “Okay, I’ll make us all pancakes in the morning.” To ensure the boy didn’t sicken, if nothing else. “Any other requests?”

“Strawberries and bananas,” the other two said in unison. Angeal twitched. That was creepy. He really had left them alone too long. Sephiroth and Genesis began readying themselves for bed, Sephiroth sparing a moment to frown at the gap in the ceiling before stripping.

“Leave it alone, Seph,” Genesis said. “We can get it in the morning.”

“Just let me get the harness out.”

Angeal smiled in relief. That, at least, had not changed. He folded his shirt and set it neatly on the chair in the corner. Genesis was already down to some skimpy crimson shorts. Angeal sighed, almost sorry that they were about to do nothing but sleep.

Genesis looked up as he draped himself over the blond. He nuzzled the boy’s hair. He made a show of nibbling at Cloud’s ear, moving down to the jaw to bury his face in Cloud’s neck. The boy murmured in his sleep and settled into the cocoon of Genesis’s arms, smiling softly. Genesis was smiling too, at Angeal, spitefully.

Angeal turned away to work on his belts. He sat on the bed with a sigh and swung himself up. “Sleep well, puppy?” Zack rolled over slightly, not entirely letting the other boy go. That could mean trouble, Angeal reflected as he settled down. Or maybe not. This was new territory all around. They would have to take it one day at a time.

Zack mumbled something unintelligible in his sleep. Angeal curled himself around the boy. “I’m here,” he said, “go back to sleep.”

Sephiroth finally gave up on the mess and joined them in the bed. “Goodnight, everyone,” he said, switching off the light. Genesis seemed to relax a little with the silver-haired man spooned around him.

Angeal relaxed too. They could work this out. He would work this out, even if it took a pancake mountain and the whole damned produce aisle to do it.

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Oh my. Oh my my my my my! This just made me so happy <333333

*squibbles in joy all over the pretty pretty ficcie*

Oh Angeal, how could you leave them alone for so long? *grins* He did have a good reason though...

Nyergh, I totally need to ride the OT5 train to hell <3

They got a ways to go yet, but the train has definitely left the station. XD


I love how the pets are more mature than the adults xD

And isn't Angeal in for a surprise when he finds out how much of a diva bitch Cloud can be?? >:3

Angeal does have some learning to do, oh, yes, indeed. ;D

Oh yay! I was actually wondering today when your next update was going to be and hoping it would be soon. Does this mean there's a higher power? That approves of yaoi? Hmm...

I can't wait to find out how Angeal will react when he finds out how Cloud's got everyone wrapped around his finger. Nope. Can't wait. Because I'm sure it will be awesome. And hot.

Heh, right on time, eh?

Angeal has a lot of making up to do. He might find the process very educational. ;)

<3 <3 <3 This fic fills me with such joy everytime there is a new chapter that I just about burst! <3 <3 <3


:DD Thank you! I can't believe how it's grown sometimes.

Indeed! XD I hope the bed is really big enough.

(Deleted comment)
Gen's going to want a lot more than an apple pie for all this. Fun times ahead, Angeal, fun times. ;D

Mysteriously you’ve made me accept and enjoy the Genesis/Sephiroth/Cloud, Angeal/Zack. I’m possessive about Seph/Cloud and usually don’t read Seph or Cloud paired with somebody elese (eww!). But recently I’ve discovered soft spot for Gen, so why not?
And Angeal – the voice of reason in this group, realized that trying to indulge himself being occupied with his puppy – he apparently didn’t expected this.
Somebody wrote that Cloud will have them all wrapped aroud his pinky. I think that they won’t realize when this happens.

By the time they figure anything out, it will be too late. ;D

It is a cuddly sort of scene. :D

YAYAYAYAY! My OT5! This Sunday seems suddenly 100% better! Thank you. I was waiting for the snuggle bed scene for so long... blisfull sigh...

I was wondering, how often they had to change their bed before, you know, when there were "just" three of them and Genesis and Seph were duelling for who tops. Poor Angeal, he just wanted to get all pervy in peace and quiet, while those two were bitching around.

And NOW Lazard´s head going to spin.

Five men in a bed and the little one said, "No G-rating, start fellating!" ;p

All SOLDIERs get issued triple reinforced steel frames for their mattresses. They're not cheap but it costs the company less in the long run. XD Lazard might be fine as long as they don't try to pass their bulk lube purchases off as a mission expense.

Oh gawd. Now my mind will always substitute those lyrics.

I can't get the image of Zack and Cloud curled up together like that out of my head and it's all your fault.

But--But... Awwwwww. This is too adorable. I'm such a sucker for fluff. Now I can drift off to sleep with fluffy images of my new OT5 in my head.

Hope your flu's gone, and keep up the great writing!

Cloud set that up on purpose. Even big, bad SOLDIERs can't deny the appeal of that much cuddling cute. ;D

If Angeal's brain turns to fluff around Zack, being around Zack and Cloud together is going to turn it into Cream of Wheat. Wave bye-bye to your higher logic functions, Ange! :D

There it goes, choo-choo! Maybe it'll be back to visit someday. XD

*grin* And all is settled (or starting to be settled) with cuteness and cuddling and the promise of pancakes. What could be better?

Thank you, Ninja! I hope you're feeling better.

If Angeal brings the whipped cream in with the breakfast tray...

I'm on the upswing, writing so many pieces of different stories I can't seem to finish one for an actual update. ;p

I don't think the bed being big enough is as much of an issue as it being sturdy enough. For those five. Hell, for Gen alone. XD

Also, yay for strawberry and banana pancakes. =D

They'll have a fine breakfast one way or the other (and Gen accepts your compliment with gracious thanks ;D).

.... So THERE, Angeal.

And by the way m'boy, you have no idea what you have stumbled across. See the cute little blond? Innocent, harmless, completely molestable? In two days at most, two hours at least, he will have your short hairs firmly within his grasp. Abandon all hope of dignity now.

Gospel truth, every word! XD

I believe that our boys are on the best track now. ;)

And there ain't no getting off of this train they're on. Not if they know what's good for them anyway. ;p

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