Fic Progress

Path Prequel (Jackalope Fic):
Prologue - Complete
Chapter 1 - 1200 words
Chapter 2 - 0%
Chapter 3 - 0%
Chapter 4 - 0%
Chapter 5 - 0%
Chapter 6 - 0%
Epilogue - 0%

Path of Seduction Rewrite: Chapter 3 in progress

Path Sequel: 50% rough drafted as of NaNo 2016

General's Best Friend - In progress
Training Games - In Progress
Guardians - In progress
Belle of the Ball - On Paper.

The End Plotted

Time to go

Hello, friends. In light of the new legally dense TOS made available to us only in obscure translation, and my own growing discomfort with certain things, I may be deleting this journal in its entirety soon. I have an import queued up for Dreadwidth so all content and comments will be preserved, and many of you can already find me there. I don't care for the scorched earth approach of moving on in fandom, I prefer to let the old haunted houses stand for visitors old and new, but I'm not sure how much choice the new version of freedom of speech leaves for peace of mind. I go by Ardwynna in fandom anywhere so if we lose touch here, there's always Google.

I'll still be writing, still be posting, and I hope we stay in each other's circles one way or another. I've loved having every one of you be a part of my life.

Random Daddy Seph snippets

Just a few glimpses of Seph being a dad to each of the kids.

“I’ve got the latest schematics here,” Sephiroth said, hitting the projector function on his tablet so Cloud could see. The tech specs in question warred for his attention with a desktop background that was clearly a photo from home.

“How come you’re so muddy?” Cloud asked.

“What?” Sephiroth looked up. “Oh, the pic. From when the boys were little.”

“Ah, yeah, I remember now,” Cloud said. “Those mud pie battles you used to have.” Sephiroth’s face had softened even as he scrolled to the relevant numbers. “Whatever happened to those?” Cloud asked. “Kids outgrew them?”

“No, not really,” Sephiroth said, hand hovering over the keyboard. “Ari started putting rocks in his.” He shook his head and maximized the window. “I’d have smacked him upside the head if I weren’t also kind of proud.”

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