Ardwynna Morrigu (ardwynna_m) wrote,
Ardwynna Morrigu


Border of Taboo by xLilly White
Rating R
Current Chapter Count: 21
Author's Summary: Aeris becomes a courtesan of the Honeybee Inn for lack of money. It's the slums after all. But all too soon she gets sucked into a dangerous world of envy and lust, where it's impossible to remember who's using who. Genesis/Aeris/Sephiroth triangle.

Why I recommend it: This fic, to me, is a great example of world-building within a world. Aspects of the game that were only hinted at are explored and expanded upon in depth while a solid political conspiracy plot drives the suspense and action. Aeris' work is not glossed over or romanticized in the least. She is a whore. And Sephiroth is an asshole of goatse proportions. And yet they are completely recognizable as themselves, with all their own motivations and flaws, something that doesn't happen too often in fic when an author decides to stray from the usual fandom portrayal. There is depth to these characters, and growth. The OCs are intriguing in their own right, the threesome dynamic is wonderfully complex, the sex is hot and the developing relationships touching. This is Midgar, remixed and served raw. Enjoy!
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