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Scary Scribblings

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[Fic] After the Fall (prologue)
Title: After the Fall
Chapter: Prologue
Fandom: FFVII (Marriageverse AU)
Characters: Sephiroth/Aeris, Cast, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Words: 786
Chapters: Prologue | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2
Notes: All Marriageverse fics are back in public view for anyone interested.
Summary: Sephiroth learns something terrible about being human.

On an autumn afternoon when the sun had cooled, and the leaves were still wearing shades of mostly summer, a small group gathered on top a green hill to say goodbye. There were no words. There was no song.

Sephiroth wore black, as he always did. Today his wife and daughter wore it too. He stared at them, Aeris with her head up, proud, strong, rigid with rage, and Ella holding her mother’s hand, staring dry-eyed into the pit at their feet. Sephiroth could not bear to look for himself. It was easier to look at Ella. He had no idea how she was coping, if she was, if she even understood. He had not seen her for days, not since Aeris had thrown him out, screaming through her tears, threatening to rip his heart out.

She was welcome to it, if she could stand to put her hands around that icy stone. She was nearly the only one who had ever believed it was there and she could have it, if it made her feel one whit better, if watching him bleed and die beneath her hands would in any way ease her pain.

The box had reached the bottom some time ago. A wreath of white lilies lay in stark contrast to the nearly blood red wood beneath. Cherry, for someone who loved them. Had loved them. The cold rock Sephiroth called a heart sank lower inside him, pulling him towards the pit. If he believed for one second that the Planet would trade, he would have jumped in and offered himself up. He had half a mind to do it anyway, but Gaia had spit him back out often enough for him to know it would do no good.

The first lump of earth hit the lid with a thud, and Sephiroth flinched in a way he never had on the field. His eyes burned but tears would not fall. The sun sank lower, taking its meager heat with it. Sephiroth felt numb to the core. Damp earth piled in until the box was hidden from view, forever and ever, world without end, and even Aeris’s anger could not touch him now. He watched himself watching Aeris as she guided Ella to stick the little marker in the ground. Just a tin plate for now, with a name and a pair of dates too close together. He would get something better later, something permanent to mark the temporary.

He was vaguely aware of the others now that the casket did not fill his whole view. Cloud’s healthy brood, old enough to understand in a way Ella couldn’t yet, stood somber behind their mother in neat black that did not suit them, single white roses in their hands. And Lockhart, Lockhart, who never turned her back on him, who sometimes looked like she would be the one to rip his heart out if she could ever believe he had one, Lockhart was crying. Her face was wet with all the tears Aeris wouldn’t shed and that he himself couldn’t. Sephiroth looked away.

They had all come, all of Aeris’s friends. Of course they would. They were reliable, loyal. They would stand by her, be there for her whatever happened. She would be fine, eventually, or at least better off than he could ever be again. His eyes drifted over to Highwind, lighting up like he only did for really special occasions nowadays. Barret and Reeve stood beside him, arms folded in respectful silence. Even Vincent was there, though he hung back, trying to stay out of sight. Yuffie had come in all her imperial gravidity, husband in tow to hold their first two out of the way. Ryuusei was almost Ella’s age and they played well together, but not the way she had played with…

Sephiroth looked up at the sky, pretending to check for rain. When he looked back down, Aeris was already leading the procession away. He watched the straight proud line of her back as she moved. She would not bend, would not be bowed, not by this or anything else. Ella turned once and cast a backward glance at him, curious, but her mother pulled her onward. There was nothing left for Sephiroth to do but find the closest cliff and throw himself off it.

A hand on his shoulder stopped him. He turned his head and found Cloud beside him, staring at the fresh grave, with its tin plate marker and scattering of white roses that had not come from Aeris’s gardens. Cloud said nothing. He did not have to. They stood, shoulder to shoulder, staring at the mounded dirt in the way of silent men, and understood each other completely.


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Ohhh man, here it is. Damn, this gave me CHILLS.

This probably is the worst thing that happens in the marriage!verse. There are other unhappy things but when everyone's older it's easier to deal. And this fic would not be a one shot no matter how hard I tried, so a short multipart it is. Three chapters and an epilogue, I think.

I went back over the old 'verse fics too. I forgot what I'd written down and how fun it was, generally. ;)

Reading all those comments/discussions from 6, 7 years ago was a trip as well. :)

I know. The only thing I'm sorry about is TifaStrife7 seems to have erased her entire fandom presence. I never finished the pic I owed her and I'm definitely testing patience getting back to Path. I hope she's doing well wherever she is, even if fandom isn't her thing anymore.

That's the thing about fanfiction...it seems to be a phase in many people's lives. They graduate college, get a dream job, get married, and it all stops.
I used to chat with this guy who had an AWESOME FF7 fic in progress, complete with illustrations(this guy could draw!). He even gave me a few pics, such as a family picture of Aeris, Zack, and their four children.(sadly, this was all lost in my hard drive crash)
Basically, when Advent Children came out, he decided there was no purpose in continuing his story, since as far as he was concerned, Aeris and Zack had their happy ending, what with having eternity to themselves. I think he still does Dragonball fanfiction. I haven't checked his deviantart account in ages, not since he took down all his Aeris/Zack art. :(

Awww, that's a real shame. I've already decided if/when I do drift away I'll leave everything up. I think we're definitely on the odd side of things for sticking not just with fanfic in general so long, but one fandom. Most people move one to some other show/game in a few years. Sometimes I wonder if people think I must have no life, sitting here writing AeriSephs for over a decade. XD

Oh, silly, silly people. There will ALWAYS, theoretically, be time to write AeriSephs, unless you become President or First Tiger of the world. :P
At some point, though, I should continue with my Persona fic.

First Tiger, eh? Sounds cushy. =3
I want to polish up these three drafts I've got and farm them out a bit, even if it's just to self-publish on Amazon. I sent one in to a contest and didn't win, but I was up against some local greats so I'm not surprised. I'm happy I tried.

"First Tiger" is a Calvin & Hobbes reference, and also a joke the vice-president of my college's anime club used to make(the reason why he was supposedly better than the actual president :P). My god, that was nearly ten years ago...
And now I will go read chapter 1 of this new piece.

Edited at 2014-05-29 01:41 am (UTC)

Now how could I forget Calvin & Hobbes.
And yes, OMG, I can't believe college was ten years ago. :P

Why did you have to show me that AFTER the liquor stores are all closed? >_<

It's horrendous, isn't it? Oh, lamentations, for wasted youth!

Masamune Is Not Logged In

Yeah, I miss Tifastrife, too. I think she had some of those unfortunate online friendships that inexplicably explode (hasn't happened to me personally as yet. At least, I don't think it has. But I've seen it many a time.) Plus she's on to new job and new house and kids all growing up by now so I'd bet she has some new interests. I was just thinking about her today.

In the fic, I was fondest of the phrase, "still wearing shades of mostly summer." And I love the friendship found with an old enemy. There is loss here, and worse, alienation, but also help from an unexpected quarter.

Re: Masamune Is Not Logged In

Damn. I'd figured with the boys in college and all it was 'moving on' time, but toxic fandom friendships are the pits.

Cloud doesn't have the kind of heartlessness in him to deny Sephiroth's human streak when he sees it. They'll never be BFFs but the former lab rats understand each other.

Oh, and I devoured all the family fics again. Damn, how I've missed them! :D

I had no idea what this was about until I went back and started reading the old fics you've made public again.

I really love the twins.

Despite the horrible sadness of this newest one, I look forward to more.

Yeah, I love those boys too. XD

It'll get better, I promise.

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