Ardwynna Morrigu (ardwynna_m) wrote,
Ardwynna Morrigu

I had all these grand plans

For the next six months I was going to work hard and play hard, finish Path, including the retooling, maybe do something serious with these flip-side ideas I keep having, where one plot idea wants to be dealt with in two very different ways. 'Fly Away' and 'New Life' were one such pair. There's one pair I'm calling 'Ghost in the attic' for now, and another that's been on my To-Do list as AeriSeph-Wutai Connection for years. I was going to set aside time for quilting and embroidery, and recover from the stomach ulcer, the saccades, diplopia, eyestrain, migraines, stress rash, cracked lips and thankfully reversible stage tooth decay (from drinking oversweetened strong tea and coffee and passing out on the books without brushing the sugar away).

But seems despite all the symptoms, the last month and a half went better than I thought it would. Today I had paperwork to fill out and was able to do this for the very first time:
So I get two weeks and then I have to go do that. Oh life, forever getting in the way of fandom.
Tags: real life
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