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Scary Scribblings

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[Fic] After the Fall (Epilogue)
Title: After The Fall
Chapter: Epilogue
Fandom: FFVII (Marriageverse)
Characters: Aeris/Sephiroth, OCs
Words: 440
Rating: G
Previous: Prologue | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4
Summary: Aeris and Sephiroth hold their marriage together after a devastating loss.

It had become a family tradition, the drive to see the cherry tree. They went every spring, leaving any summer cherries for unfortunate mourners, or the birds. The tree was still young but it had begun flowering early, in its third year in fact, and the blooms had grown thicker each time in the four years since. It towered over their heads, raining petals down on them from the clouds of blossoms above.

Sephiroth and Aeris made their way up the hill, hand in hand, with the children trailing dutifully behind them. Mostly. “Ari,” Sephiroth called. “Stop jumping on people’s tombstones!”

“Why?” Ari said, landing with precision on a particularly fine black marble slab. “They're dead. What are they going to do?”

“They’ll reach up, grab your foot and drag you under, that’s what they’ll do,” Sephiroth snapped.

Ari promptly missed his next target to land rump first in the dirt. “No way!” he shouted.

“Yes way!” Sephiroth said, supporting Aeris as she tried not to laugh too loud. “Now stop disturbing the dead and get over here.”

Ari groaned. “Why do we even have to keep coming here?” he whined. “It’s not like we bring flowers or anything. We’re watering a tree. Why do we need to water a tree? Doesn’t it rain here?”

“Boy, stop making me repeat myself and get over here,” Sephiroth said, tired of talking.

Ella hid a smirk behind her gaming tablet. Beside her, Rei tugged at her sleeve. She slipped the gametab into a coat pocket to take his hand and watched as their parents approached the tree. Their mother was all smiles, marveling at the new growth the last year had brought, the girth of the trunk and the height of the topmost branches. Their father was not inclined to the same kind of bubbliness. The gloved hand he pressed against the trunk always carried with it a sensation of reverance, but in his own way he was just as happy.

“Ella,” Rei said, “how come we keep coming here?”

Ella shrugged. “Dad thinks you’re still down there.”

“Oh.” Rei frowned, staring at the pair on top of the hill. “Should I tell him?”

Ella shook her head. “He’ll figure it out when he’s ready to understand.” She held on tighter, watching carefully for the moment that rare spark of old memory in her brother’s eyes was subsumed by the present. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Okay!” Rei said. Ella was not sure he even knew what he was agreeing with. She let him pull her along to join the rest of their family, under the blooming tree.

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Ohhhhh...I get it! Everything makes total sense now... ;)
::envisions commercial::
"Lifestream! Now available for recycling your loved ones!"
Does Aeris know?
Anyway, congrats on finishing this!

Aeris doesn't know know, she just accepts the Planet's assurance that her baby's in a good place.

Yay, fic done! Now to get cracking on some of those others, right? XD

It's kinda sweet to know that those two kids have this little secret with the Planet.
Oh- little AeriSeph alert here: remember Sulphurya? I've seen your reviews of her stories, but in case you've forgotten which ones, the first one is called "The World Is Not Enough" and features a ticklish, candy-addicted Sephiroth.
Anyway, she's back after a five-year absence. :D
Between you planning to finish "Path", my re-write of "Us & Them", Sulphurya coming back, and this new story "The Living Key" that recently came about, I think A/S fanfiction is doing just fine. :)

They are close, those two. They have work to do. ;)

And yes, I remember her! XD Awesomesauce, AeriSeph is doing well. It may never be a major pairing but I am so glad it seems to be at least generally recognized in fandom instead of being super rare and drawing outrage and hate for existing like it did early on.

Edited at 2014-06-15 02:37 am (UTC)

Early on like when? I didn't join the fandom until I was 20(early 2004) and at that point, all I've ever remembered was simply people going "Meh, it doesn't make sense". :/
That's why it's so rewarding when I get a review or PM that says "I don't normally support this pairing, BUT...". You know how it is. ;)
I think the first AeriSeph I ever read was "Like Fallen Angels".

Like around 2000 or so. People would drop by to flame and generally act like Aeriseph fans were out of our minds. There was a fair bit of "What is wrong with you?" tossed my way when I was just a reader hunting for my rarepair fix. I can't say why, Seph's arguably done worse to Cloud and that never stopped those shippers. :P
My first AeriSeph was 'Irony of Fate'. I think it was a lot of people's first A/S back then.

Yeah, "Irony of Fate" followed soon after. I hope JenesisX recovers from her ailments and is able to continue her stuff.
We just need a centralized hangout for the A/S crowd.
And yes. The stabbing was really the only thing bad he did to Aeris. If she comes back through whatever means each author comes up with, is it even valid?
At least me, NocturneX and JenesisX(what's with this "X" business?) have altered stab-free timelines as an excuse. :P

I hope so too. I was so excited to see her writing again. I used to hope Aurora Magazine would have been the hangout place way back when but it went under really quickly. There's the LJ comm and one on DW but people don't frequent journal sites like they used to so both are sitting nearly dead in the water.
I think the stabbing's valid if Aeris decides to hold it over Sephiroth's head for leverage and/or blackmail. ;D
There was a time in the fandom when it was very hip to give yourself a title, usually 'Lady' Something or the other. Naming trends, they comes and they goes. ;P

Wow, a happy ending! Sephiroth's sense of humor is an added bonus.

Seph never stops getting his kicks from scaring people. ;)

It was a difficult fic to read, but I am so glad you're active again.

It's good to be active again, even though an actual 'dead baby story' isn't the kindest way to get back in the game. I hope I can keep it up. So much of my life that's been on hold till now is set to take off like a rocket.

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