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Scary Scribblings

All the $h!7 that's unfit to print

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I was in the middle of Chapter Two in the Path rewrite, doing something about the very stiff and formal way I phrased everything back then, when one thing made me think of another thing, which in turn led to another other thing, which birthed the plotbunny for a prequel. In the course of minutes that plotbunny achieved full blown jackalope status and has been prodding me with its horns ever since. I haven't been this fevered up about a fic since the early days of Path itself, when my approach was too rigid to be effective about it.

It's a good plot, or at least I'm properly hooked by this harpoon my brain has tossed at me. It's disturbingly complete already, going from start to finish in my head in half an hour, clear as day. I'm going to write it. If I don't it will haunt me. I'm trying to be smart about it this time, creating a solid outline from start to finish before I type a word. It's a bit more like writing-as-work than writing-as-fun, but I can afford to prioritize completion now rather than pure stress relief. The actual process is a bit faster when I have a framework to go from.

I expect that like the Path rewrite, it won't see the light of day until it's all done. I don't want to get stuck in WIP land again, and approaching things like a complete draft is good for maintaining coherence. I don't know what this will mean for deliberately meandering, lighter fics like The Mission, or Paint The Town, or all those other ideas I had on the To Do list. Maybe I'll post chapters in between, when the drama of these other two becomes too much. Forgive me, fandom. I'll be here forever, apparently, but I'll try not to take that long.

Edit: And the outline is done. Six long or twelve average chapters, plus prologue and epilogue.

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I do feel a little bit better about this.

By the way, Path was the first Sephiroth/Aeris fic I read. The concept was new to me then, since it was before Crisis Core, and nearly everything I had read (that wasn't slash) was Cloud/Aeris.

Wow. I wrote somebody else's 'Irony of Fate' (my first Aeris/Seph). That hits one of my main concerns the rewrite. I look at the original version and think the wording is stiff, the characterization is inconsistent and the action is questionable but people liked it anyway, and here I am practically tearing it to shreds. What if the new version doesn't strike the same chord? Maybe all those flaws I see are what made it accessible. But I want to finish it and I don't think I can if the beginning and end are so terribly different. For better or worse, I'm going ahead. Hopefully there'll be no more jackalopes waiting in the wings.

What if the new version doesn't strike the same chord?

No, no NO! Anyone who liked the original will love the rewrite. I promise.

I hope so. I'd hate to have gone and ruined what someone remembered fondly. I'll stop worrying about pleasing everyone soon, I swear.

I've got the same worries with my own re-write. Can't let the "what-if"s dictate your story's progress, though, unless it's a "what-if" story to begin with...which, technically...EVERYONE'S is...
I'm getting a little too deep here. Time to make a sandwich or something.

One question: Will Angeal's ghost ever make it into the picture? Maybe give Sephiroth a two-for-one deal in the nagging conscience? After all, Angeal's even more suited for that type of thing than Zack.

I haven't actually decided yet. Zack shows up for the obvious "You stole my girl!" angle, and it's partly an issue of who Seph's twisted subconscious feels like letting in.

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