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Scary Scribblings

All the $h!7 that's unfit to print

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I know. I didn't find out until last night, when I went out to eat with a few friends, and one of them raised a toast to Robin Williams. That's when they told me. God, and he killed himself too- that's what really gets to me. Talk about the proverbial sad clown.
He actually came into the game store I worked at way back in 2007. I didn't really get to chat with him since we didn't have what he was looking for(I very sadly told him that no, we didn't carry games for the Mac) and he left quickly(man on a mission, lol), but after that, I learned how much of a hardcore gamer he was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcZhY_Zo-yg

Aww, that is awesome. Both the vid and that you got to talk to him a bit.
The whole thing makes me want to get into psychiatry even more. There's so much that needs to be done.

He had a club date in the area, so we lucked out in having him come in. No entourage either- just him. I always wondered if he played Portal(I've got it on my own macbook).
I just watched a podcast today talking about how his initial interest in comedy was sparked by the fact that doing impressions of his grandmother as a child would make his mother laugh. I guess it was the only time she would really pay any attention to him. Then when he was in school, he would clown around to keep kids from bullying him.
A lot of great actors and comedians seem to have talent born out of sad things such as tragedy, loneliness, etc. Hell- musicians too. Just look at John Lennon or Kurt Cobain. Music helped them cope with crappy family lives and other crap.

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