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Scary Scribblings

All the $h!7 that's unfit to print

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The back of the brain
One of the things I hate about the way I write is how I labor over every word and crank things out as slow as a snail. But that's not the topic today. One of the things I LOVE about the way I write is how my brain figures everything out while I've got my back turned doing other things. It might be like this for other people but I've never asked around. There was quite a drastic slow down in consciously plotting these past few years, completely expected under the circumstances. Apparently, somewhere in the back of the brain, something was cooking and these past few months there's been an explosion of everything back there coming to the fore.

The Jackalope fic? Outlined, begun, and tying in with Path and the Marriageverse in an unexpectedly epic way. Path's eventual sequel? Shaping up and actually making more sense. Even the 'End Of It All' story that comes at the end of the happy interlude of the marriageverse fics, the whole thing has begun to fit together in my head in the best of ways. While I was off getting a degree, my subconscious created a beautiful monster. I love my little AU-verse! :3

To deal with that thing I hate about the way I write, I'm going to try like hell to reach at least 500 words a day. It's not much, some days I might get more, hopefully never less, but something done is better than nothing. The main things might not see daylight till they're complete but no more distraction fics.

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I think we have the exact opposite ways of writing. I throw words down like there's no tomorrow with no clue about where it's going to go. Which probably explains why I have a whole bunch of fics that are about 20K words long that just fizzled out.

Hooray for your Jackalope working out! That's awesome!

I tend to see the ending of a fic before the beginning. If I can just turn off the internal editor, things might get there sooner. I'm going to have to learn if I want to write a 'verse this big.

The Jackalope fic is new ground for me. Definitely author indulgence fic though. Maybe it will find its niche audience when the time comes. ;D

Jackalope? End of Marriageverse?

I am looking forward to everything you will be putting out there, of course!

I have already made up my own happy ending for The Mission, btw.

I did not set out to be one of those authors with a string of WIPs, but I see how easy it is to get that way. I'll try not to leave people hanging forever. Glad you found your own solution to that. ;D

Wow, that's a Lot of cool little connections coming together all at once!

Humble advice: jot a lot. Meticulous sentence crafting is well and good, but plot bunnies gather dust bunnies all too quickly. A half-sentence here and there can serve to remind you when you go back to connect the dots.

It just about blew my mind how the first in the series linked up with the last.

I'm going to have to find some way to stash mini notebooks on my person on the ward. I've got a writer app on my phone but people get snippy if they think you're texting between patients.

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