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Scary Scribblings

All the $h!7 that's unfit to print

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Fic Progress
Path Prequel (Jackalope Fic):
Prologue - Complete
Chapter 1 - 1200 words
Chapter 2 - 0%
Chapter 3 - 0%
Chapter 4 - 0%
Chapter 5 - 0%
Chapter 6 - 0%
Epilogue - 0%

Path of Seduction Rewrite: Chapter 3 in progress

Path Sequel: 50% rough drafted as of NaNo 2016

General's Best Friend - In progress
Training Games - In Progress
Guardians - In progress
Belle of the Ball - On Paper.

The End Plotted

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Of a sort, at least. The thought-gathering's given rise to a host of vignettes and drabbles to work into the bigger picture.

Not making it any easier on anyone, am I? :/

Beautiful. Not sure how many people have you on author/story alert, but I wonder how many of them will do a Fred Sanford impression upon seeing an update alert in their inbox? :P
"You hear that, Aeris?? They're coming to join ya, honey!!"

Edited at 2014-08-30 03:24 am (UTC)

They'll have a wait yet, I'm afraid.

On a less silly note, I was reading a thread of sorts on FF.net, and I'm trying to figure out just WHAT are the rules for explicit content these days. Two stories I've been enjoying both indicate mature scenes in future chapters, and I'd hate to see them get pulled once they're posted. Now, this thread was about two years old, so I have no idea if any rules have changed since then.
I'd also be upset if Path got yanked due to the content in the chapters. I know you cut out some stuff on the FF.net version of your story, but I've also seen more graphic scenes in other stories/fandoms.
It kinda seems like FF.net has relaxed its rules on mature content, but I'm just not completely sure.
Blah…rules. I've always had a major issue with them. :P

I trimmed my content because the rules were pretty fresh back then, and occasionally you hear of roaming packs of self-righteous (often hyper-religious) teens reporting any fic with a smidgen of smut to make the world as repressed as they are. But I've read a lot of smutty fic there in recent years and the done thing seems to be that plot with porn is okay, PWP is not.

Ah, okay. Well, then all the stories I'm anticipating won't have to worry. Loads of plot on all counts. :D
I noticed this is a "sticky" post, so I'll look forward to tracking all that goes down. :)
Self-righteous, hyper-religious teens…that sounds like me when I was sixteen, as ashamed as I am to admit that. >_

The Most Effective Sleep Apnea Tips And Tricks

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