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Scary Scribblings

All the $h!7 that's unfit to print

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The Short List
I’ve got a slew of little marriageverse short fics in progress and no clue which one to work on finishing first.

1. The one where Ella wanders off into the woods.

2. The one where Sephiroth wakes up handcuffed to the bedpost.

3. The one where Aeris deals with parenting anxieties.

4. The one where Sephiroth finds something odd between the couch cushions.

5. The one where Sephiroth finds something even odder on his desk at work.

6. The one where Sephiroth brings home The Dog.

7. The one where Sephiroth brings home a boy (Guardians).

8. The one where Ella goes to the prom.

9 The one where Sephiroth has to race the twins to the emergency room.

10. The one where Aeris starts university.

These, plus three epic length fics, a long story arc about Ella quitting ballet and taking up another hobby before the stage calls her back, another one about Aeris becoming the Planet's premiere expert on Lifestream phenomena and Ancient Culture, the twins growing apart and Sephiroth growing comfortably old. Some days I look at the outline file and my head hurts so much I take up my embroidery instead. :/ And this isn't even counting the endgame fic.

I've become a sad, annoying little person who talks more about my plans and goals instead of actually accomplishing them. What a joke.

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I say just start with number one and go down the list in the order you listed them off.

Well, number one is one the furthest along.

You've got a lot on your plate right now. Don't worry too much about it. I think a lot of us "creative types" procrastinate by basically swapping one medium(writing) for another(embroidery). I draw when I should compose, compose when I should program, etc. :P If the embroidery keeps you cool, then as Aeris says, "That's all that matters." ;)
The stage, eh? Hope your Sephiroth is a better sport about kids' performances than mine is. ;) (school events are his biggest pet peeve)
Oh, and...
*raises hand and jumps up and down* Ooh! Ooh! Do #4 first!

The embroidery is wedding related too, so it has to be done on a deadline.

All the kids are arts and performance inclined one way or another, even Ocean. Seph's decently tolerant because he wants his children to have the opportunities he didn't, and he's also rather baffled because he as no clue how he could breed a bunch of little artists. At least until Aeris prodded him into digging up the Crescent side of his ancestry. Oh, crap, that's another fic for the list.

Ah, so REAL artists...I see. I was thinking more along the lines of "Broccoli #4" in the second grade class play on the four food groups. :P
Uh-oh...didn't mean to wake another plot bunny...*hides*

Yeah, the boys form a garage band that grows a decent local fanbase, and Ari is known to give cello performances in the nude.

Don't worry about the plot bunny. It was already bouncing around in there. At least it's one of the funny ones. ;D

I'm sorry, I'm of no use at all, other than to say any and all of them.

Well, I'm planning to hammer them all out eventually. One and Three are probably furthest along.

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