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Scary Scribblings

All the $h!7 that's unfit to print

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Hahaha...I KNEW they'd have something planned for the 20th anniversary!! The fandom will surge again! :D

Oh god yes, so want the fandom to be bustling. I mean the Aeriseph portion was always a niche but it's nice to have the potential for some growth again. XD

I'll be checking the traffic stats on FF.net every now and then. It's not going to spike right away, but wait for a few more trailers, and the inevitable Japanese release that precedes ours, and there will be a significant spike. Plus, there will be many more FF7-related rants at fanficrants. I'll be keeping my eyes open.

The thing I'm looking forward to LEAST is a possible resurgence of the 'original game only' type snobbery. Hope the remake haters wall themselves off to pat themselves on the back in their own little communities, so the rest of us can easily avoid them.

I remember seeing CC fanfiction before the game was even released. Every time a new trailer came out everyone got inspired.

I am looking forward to a surge in popularity, myself.

I am excited, I might even have a PS4 by the 2017. I'm going to say right now though, if Cloud doesn't end up in dress I'm not even going to bother. I'd like to see some hints to other compilation stuff, but what I want most is an legit 100% FFVII remake with all those magical moments intact.

You KNOW he's going to go drag. It's like ketchup on a burger. You can't have FF7 without the Don Corneo mission. Actually...will they make the Don sound like Marlon Brando, or the sniveling coward he was made out to be in the game? I'm really worried about the voice acting now...they already fucked up Hojo's voice in the compilation.

I hope you are right. I would really love if they had costume options so that after you get the dress you could just have Cloud wear it for the rest of the game including cut scenes of course. Same with Barret's sailor suit. ♥

I haven't thought about voice acting much, I don't think it will bother me too bad. I've gotten used to video game voices sounding kind of weird at times.

Miss Cloud is going to look so pretty. XD

I may spring for a PS4 just for this, because I don't want to be a bystander while waiting for the PC version.

I'm feeling particularly lucky now that the Honey decided for one last splurge before we became a pair of mortage-bound rats in the race. Of course, on the chance that there is a special edition PS4 like there was for Type-0, I hope I'm making proper doctor money by then.

They are pretty good for streaming stuff in the meantime. ;P Been going through the Amazon prime selection for a couple months now.

Saw this today and freaked out.

I'm all for having Cissnei as a secret playable character. Of course, you can't recruit her until after they find out the truth about Zack. While Tifa kept her mouth shut about him, Cissnei would likely reveal everything on the spot if she were in the party early on. She could join as a way to make up for not being able to save him.
Maybe they could show what happens to Tseng after Sephiroth attacks him, like his reaction to finding out Aeris is dead(the Turks never seemed to notice she was gone). It's amazing how for nearly ten years, we were led to believe he was dead due to a mistranslation when Elena confronts Cloud.
...Well anyway, that's my 2 gil.

I would like to know what reaction Tseng had, if he had any remorse at all for the life he helped put Aeris through. We never see him have much reaction at all to anything.

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