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[Fic] The News

Title: The News
Characters: Aeris, Sephiroth (Marriageverse)
Rating: Teen
Words: 1538
Summary: Sephiroth and Aeris react to the news that Cloud and Tifa are unexpectedly expecting.
Follow up to this ficlet.

There was a very large bird outside the bedroom window. Aeris could hear the feathers rustling even over the faucet. “It’s open,” she called, mouth half full of toothpaste. She heard the papery slide of the window opening as she rinsed. She heard heavy footsteps as she patted her face dry. She had barely set the towel down when she was grabbed from behind.

“Gotcha.” Sephiroth was feeling playful tonight.

“Hold on, I’m not done,” Aeris said, leaning forward to inspect her teeth. Sephiroth held on to her angled hips and gave her a very approving growl, which she pretended to ignore. “Did you have a good match?”

“Not really.” Sephiroth splayed his fingers downward, skimming lace-edged underwear to touch bare skin. “I tossed Cloud into three buildings in the first minute, so we called it off and went to the bar for a beer. His head wasn’t in the game.”

Aeris snickered and straightened, taking in the sight of them in the mirror, her hair still loose from its nightly brushing, his tied back for combat. “Still in shock, huh?”

“And then some.” Sephiroth narrowed his eyes at her reflection and scooped her up before she could warn him to behave. She didn’t have time to cry out before she was flying to the bed. She hit it hard, and Sephiroth was on her before she could turn around.

It had been years since she had last been afraid of his strength, of his intensity and capacity for violence. Years. But sometimes she remembered the feeling. Aeris found herself pinned down beneath the mass of him, one hand trapped beneath her body, the other secured above her head with a swordsman’s merciless grip. Hair, hers and his, spilled web-like over her face. Hips thrust against the back of her thighs. She felt the pressure of a belt buckle more than anything.

“Seph,” she gasped, trying in vain to turn. One large hand slid up her side, reaching under her camisole for the fullness of a breast. She fought for breath, ribs confined beneath his greater weight. “Seph, let me up.”

“Why?” His voice, always low, rasped heavy and rough in her ear.

Aeris turned her face into the mattress. “I can’t breathe,” she said. He was off her in an instant, responding to her tone and her muffled words. Her chest expanded on its own with the lack of restraint and she lay for a few moments, caged by his arms, catching her breath.

She stretched out her trapped arm, cleared the net of hair from off her face, and turned in the bed to stare up at him. Beneath the veil of long bangs, he was watching her every move. Aeris met his eyes and recognized the pulse-beat glow within. She could feel him pressing against her thigh. “Too much energy left over?”

“Perhaps.” Sephiroth’s voice was still rough. He lowered himself to his elbows to press a warm kiss to her forehead.

“How many beers did you say you had?” Aeris asked, brushing his hair out of her face again.

Sephiroth froze. “Is it on my breath?”

“A little. It’s not bad.”

Sephiroth gave her some space all the same. Aeris took the opportunity to slide her legs out from under him, one at a time, then wrap them around his hips before he bolted for the mouthwash. She sat up, pushing against his chest as she did. He understood and obeyed, rolling onto his back with her on top.

Aeris settled down on him, feeling wetness wicking through her underwear. Sephiroth still wore his combat pants, or else she was sure he would feel it too. She rocked in place, grinding against him, seeking pressure. “You’re in a mood tonight.”

“Every night,” Sephiroth said, reaching to hold her. Long fingers slid down her waist, spreading wide to cover as much as possible. He sat up and pulled her tight against him. “Full moon’s this weekend,” he whispered, lips trailing down her neck. “You smell delicious and you’re not even ripe yet.”

“Ripe?” Aeris pushed him back down to the bed. “Do you want to screw me or eat me?”

Sephiroth looked up in earnest. “Depends. What are you in the mood for?” Aeris tried to dismount but he wouldn’t let her, using main strength to harness the motion of her body where he needed it most. “Maybe I just want to make another pretty little baby with my beautiful wife.”

Aeris stopped moving. “Seph.”

“What?” He was all innocence, which was in itself suspicious.

Aeris squeezed him with her thighs, gaining an upward tilt of his hips in response. “It’s not a contest.”

“I know, I know,” Sephiroth said, rolling his eyes. “If it was, they’d be winning.”

“Honestly, Seph.” Aeris considered letting him hang out to dry for the night, but he had gotten her all worked up too.

“It’s not a bad idea, is it?” Sephiroth asked, cupping her face. Wide-eyed innocence gave way to something softer and deeper. “I wouldn’t mind having another daughter.”

“I don’t know,” Aeris said. Dark curls spilled over her shoulders as she shook her head. Sephiroth tangled his fingers in them, trailing the ends down the front of her body.

“Don’t you think it would be nice for Ella to have a sister?” he asked.

“With this age gap?” Aeris asked. “They’d have nothing in common, and you’ve seen what Cid and Shera go through with their girls. It’s not all tutus and tea parties, you know.”

“We might have a boy,” Sephiroth said. “Seems that’s the way we run anyway.”

“Maybe,” Aeris said, mouth twisting as she considered the possibilities. “But every pregnancy is another inch on my butt.”

“I know.” Sephiroth grinned and smacked her soundly.

“Oh, is that the plan?” Aeris pouted at him. “Baking me pastries all the time isn’t enough anymore?”

“Are you objecting?” Sephiroth asked. “I thought you liked your butt. I know I do.”

“But shopping for new pants is such a chore.” Aeris pressed down on Sephiroth’s erection, gaining a pained hiss and a flare of the glow in his eyes again. Sephiroth grabbed the lace on her underwear, tugging in every direction but the right one. Aeris put one hand on his, lacing her fingers through with his to bind his hands to stillness. “Do you really want another child?”

Sephiroth stared up at her, making a study of her face. “Don’t you?”

Aeris shrugged and shifted herself further down his body, easing the pressure on both of them. “The Planet would be happy. And I guess if you keep doing all the hard stuff, I wouldn’t mind.” Her gaze paused over Sephiroth’s head and to the side, eyes trained on pillows that she did not really see.

“But…?” Sephiroth prompted.

Aeris sighed and came back to the present. She leaned forward, running her hands over Sephiroth’s shirt, tracing the muscle beneath. “We have better luck when we’re not trying, you know.”

“Hmm.” Sephiroth reached up to cup her face again, in both hands this time, brushing at imaginary tears with his thumb. He pulled her down to lie on top of him, smoothing her hair down the curve of her spine. Her legs slid along his as she stretched out atop him.

Aeris closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against his chest. For all that he had his differences, his heartbeat sounded like any other. He still moved, solid and warm beneath her, clothed as they both were. They would have to fix that soon. Aeris shifted her weight to one side, raising to her arms as he had been above her. She trailed her fingers across his forehead, tracing an ancient blessing on his skin.

Sephiroth caught her hand and kissed it. “Still up for a little ‘not trying’?” He was still hard and he let Aeris feel it.

Aeris smirked. “We can ‘not try’ all you like, if you promise not to rip my clothes this time,” she said, guiding his hands to her waist again.

A beastlike rumble rose from deep in Sephiroth’s chest. His eyes had a reflective glint in her shadow and his smile made no promises. Aeris planted both hands on his chest and pressed him flat into the mattress. He stayed there at her bidding. Aeris felt his hands sliding up her side as she worked on his troublesome belt. “Seph,” she wailed as he whipped her camisole up over her head. “I can’t see.”

“Navigate by touch, I won’t complain,” Sephiroth said, freeing her hair from spaghetti straps and lace. Aeris responded with a squeeze just where he wanted it. Sephiroth wrapped an arm tight around her waist and flipped her onto her back again, kicking his pants off as he went. Aeris lifted her hips to help him get her underwear down. He left it hanging around one ankle and sank his teeth onto her collarbone. Aeris choked off a cry, remembering that it wasn’t that late, that the kids were probably still up, and then Sephiroth had two fingers inside her and to hell with quiet.

Sephiroth paused, checking, checking, always when Aeris was on the bottom, checking. “Okay?”

“Great,” Aeris breathed, wrapping her legs around him.

“Good.” Sephiroth leaned in to kiss her. “Just so you know,” he said between kisses, “if we did have another happy little accident, I’d be more than fine with it.”

“Really?” Aeris gazed up at him. “That’s good. Now finish what you started.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

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