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[Fic] The Mission (29): Intel

Title: The Mission
Chapter: 29
Chapter Title: Intel
Characters: AGSZC
Rating: PG 13
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Sephiroth had always had an appreciation for variety. It stemmed, he supposed, from the long years of his childhood, waiting, waiting, endlessly waiting for some change to the vicious boredom of his life.

He lay in bed holding variety in both arms and feeling overly pleased with himself. Draped over him, tangled with each other, Cloud and Zack slept soundly. Sephiroth had put them through their paces and he was certain they would not wake for a few hours yet. Zack's breath rustled Cloud's bright hair. Sephiroth adjusted his grip to run his fingers through their hair. Cloud's blond locks were as soft as chocobo down, Zack's thicker, and tougher, but sliding like silk all the same. Cloud had the longer, slender fingers. Zack had the rounder butt. Cloud made beautiful mewling sounds as he was taken. Zack could shake the walls with his screams.

But they both curled up for cuddling afterwards. Sephiroth smirked. He ran one hand down Zack's bare shoulder. Zack was getting a tan again. It came and went with his various missions. A cinnamon glow overlaid the natural honey gold of his skin. Sephiroth quirked one eyebrow. Cloud avoided the sun when he could, too pale to do more than turn cherry red and burn. In the meantime, from the lack of tanlines it appeared Angeal's sweet little puppy was finding time on his missions to sunbathe in the nude. Sephiroth smirked and slapped Zack hard on the rump.

"Hey, whatsit!" Zack jerked awake.

"Are you sunbathing naked on missions?" Sephiroth asked, getting right to the point.

Zack slumped back down. "No," he groaned, heading back to sleep. "I skinny dip."

Sephiroth made a note to get himself a few Mideel missions with Zack.


"Gen?" Angeal tried to nudge Genesis with his toe. The move unbalanced the enormous stack of reports in his arms. "Gen!" he cried, executing a nearly professional pirouette to keep the stack in place. Genesis would have been impressed, if he had been awake. Angeal saved all but the top file, which hit the desk on edge and tipped over onto the sleeping redhead. Angeal sighed.

"Mmph, what's that?" Genesis sat up, blinking. "Oh, right, Audition Day!" He flipped the file onto the top of the stack Angeal held and stood, running a hand through his hair. "Glad you woke me. I was having a really weird dream where Sephiroth met some girl and they had one of those… things, what do you call them? Tiny humans?"

"A baby?"

"Yeah, those." Genesis yawned, delicately covering his mouth.

"You feeling okay?" Angeal asked.

"What? Yeah." Gensis stretched. "Sorry, I just got done with the sadists down in the torture chamber. I guess it was harder on me than I thought."

"Was it bad?"

"No worse than usual. Make a fist, fill this cup, when was your last bowel movement. By the way, you got a mint?"

"Not at the moment." Angeal said, hefting the files. "Did they find the problem?" He resisted the urge to swallow.

"They're running tests." Genesis began to root around in the desk drawer, finally fishing out a tin of cinnamon mints. He popped a couple into his mouth and crunched them up for the maximum burn. "It'll be a few days before they figure out what kind of bug I've got up my butt."


Genesis shrugged. "Everybody's got bugs up their butt, if you want to get particular about it. They gave me some pills in the meantime. They make me pee kind of green."


"Well, enough standing around," Genesis said. "It's Audition Time! Let's get ready to make cadets piss themselves."

"Be fair, Gen. That only happened that one time, and it turned out the kid had a weak bladder."

"Ah, yes. I suppose I can muster some sympathy for the poor child, given my own circumstances."

Angeal rolled his eyes. "How very generous of you."

Cloud came out of the bathroom toweling his hair and looking as confused as a woke bear in wintertime. "Is there algae in the toilet tank?" he asked. "The bowl's looking kinda… green."

"Oh, that's just Gen's new dick pills," Angeal said.

"They're not dick pills, you moose, they're kidney pills." Genesis stretched himself out full length on the couch, feet in Angeal's lap.

"It's your kidneys?" Cloud exhaled and flopped down on Sephiroth's chair. "Zack will be glad to know. Meanwhile, flush twice, will ya?"

"I did," Genesis said, "but that color is real tenacious." He rustled the papers in front of him for a moment. "Hey, 'geal, did Lazard mention any northern missions coming up? I want to go pee my name in the snow."

Angeal lowered his file and stared at Genesis. "You know what, just do what you want, you know you're going to. Don't know why I bother."

Genesis scratched a spot inside his arm and grinned at Cloud. "Hey, little bird, care to chirp with me a while?"

Cloud rolled his eyes. "What do you need?"

"Dirt from the source," Genesis crowed.

Angeal looked up. "When's your audition, Cloud?"

"Audition?" Cloud cocked his head. "You mean the interview? 'Why do you want to be a SOLDIER' and all that? Day after tomorrow."

"Good," Genesis said. "You can give us the heads up on some of these hopefuls we'll be meeting."

"Gen," Angeal said, "We can't-"

"I'm not telling him anything, I'm asking him things." Genesis made a whirring gesticulation in the air. "You know, so we can be more personable when we talk to the kids. Don't need anybody else wetting the carpet."

Cloud's eyes widened. "People piss themselves? What the hell do you do in there?"

"Nothing too terrifying," Angeal said, "And that was just one time with extenuating medical circumstances."

"Oh." Cloud relaxed, melting into Sephiroth's chair. "Like Gen." Angeal flicked Genesis on his ankle before he could voice a protest.

Genesis sighed and sipped his cranberry juice. "Anyhow, I've got a few questions about tomorrow's lineup."

"Fire away," Cloud said, piling his towel into his lap. Sephiroth's chair had seen better days but that was no reason to put sodden terry cloth on the old leather.

"This guy," Genesis said, "Henry McIntyre-Dick." He leaned in. "So do you all call him Entire-Dick or what?"

"Gen," Angeal said, swatting him with a file.

"What? I want to know."

Angeal sighed. "I thought you were trying to be productive. Serves me right for thinking you have a better nature."

Genesis wagged a finger at him. "You really ought to know better by now."

Cloud snorted. "We used to called him 'My Entire Dick', but it's just 'Whole Dick' now. Less of a mouthful."

"Which makes for easier blowjobs," Genesis said. Angeal hid his face in his work. "Ohmahgod, ohmahgod, this one," Genesis continued, flapping a hand, "Marcus Poots."

"With pride."

"My kinda guy." Genesis reached for the next file in the stack. "Gaia, look at this poor faggot."

"Genesis!" Angeal smacked him. "Just because you can say it doesn't mean it's nice."

"I'm being serious, 'Geal." Genesis scrambled upright and showed Angeal the open file. This SOLDIER-hopeful was a tall one, spindly even, and stuck in that phase of adolescence where everything was growing at its own speed. "That's the poor kid's name. F-A-G-E-…" He stopped. "Maybe it's pronounced 'Fazhay'."

"Nope, it's Faget," Cloud said. "He's straight as it gets."

"Huh." Genesis looked the profile pictures up and down. "That's probably for the best," he said, and put the file down. Angeal called him a shallow ass and went to check his roast.

"The poor child," Genesis continued, putting one arm behind his head. "At least he's in the right place. We're all about bad last names in SOLDIER. Well, except Sephiroth, because he doesn't have one."

Cloud got up and settled in along Genesis, head under the man's chin. "Is 'Strife' good enough?"

Genesis made room for him and kissed Cloud's hair. "We took 'Fair', didn't we?"

"But what about Angeal? 'Hewley' is pretty normal."

Genesis craned his neck and glanced at the kitchen door. He settled back down on the couch and bent close to Cloud's ear. "We make exceptions for enormous cock."
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