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Scary Scribblings

All the $h!7 that's unfit to print

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Time to go
Hello, friends. In light of the new legally dense TOS made available to us only in obscure translation, and my own growing discomfort with certain things, I may be deleting this journal in its entirety soon. I have an import queued up for Dreadwidth so all content and comments will be preserved, and many of you can already find me there. I don't care for the scorched earth approach of moving on in fandom, I prefer to let the old haunted houses stand for visitors old and new, but I'm not sure how much choice the new version of freedom of speech leaves for peace of mind. I go by Ardwynna in fandom anywhere so if we lose touch here, there's always Google.

I'll still be writing, still be posting, and I hope we stay in each other's circles one way or another. I've loved having every one of you be a part of my life.

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I have a Dreamwidth account, but don't use it. Tumblr is too hard to follow. I'll still get your notices on AO3, but will miss your life updates.

I got my DW early but let it lapse after a year or two. There are people there to reconnect with but I'll miss your life updates too, if I do a complete delete. I'm considering just wiping the content and keeping the account empty. Don't need any fake accounts with my name on them.

I'm considering scrubbing it as well, but I'm wondering how it might work then with stuff I've posted in comms (like Crisis Hardcore). I mean, can they *legally* do anything to me besides delete my account?

I'm sure they'd have their hands full seeking out actual Russian users, so for comm stuff I guess I'll be taking my chances, but I'm not happy with the 'LJ owns your content' line that seems to be in there now. Can't say, I don't speak Russian.

aw,l understand however; l stopped posting my art on facebook after the scary line of 'we own all your posted shit and can make money off of it" started to appear.

l've been a ghost, never really felt the urge to make an account or comment on this site, l've actually got you and a few other fanfiction writers in my special bookmarks folder my partner teases me to death about :C he doesnt understand, you're better than most of the fantasy novels l see in bookstores.

when l read that post of yours that you became a dr...my first thought was how interesting your hand written stories would be to look at..possibly read. reading optional.

l messaged you a few times in ffnet and ao3 under the tag feather-wolf.

Hi, I remember you! And you've given me an idea. I might just handwrite a short fic and put it up somewhere for whoever is interested to dissect my personality out of the way I cross my t's. Thank you. ;)

I've already begun deleting this journal manually, earliest entries first, but I am double-checking that the transfer to Dreamwidth was proper while I do. I am sorry this will probably break your bookmarks but the material is still available online if you want to keep lurking. Most of my new fic will be up at AO3 anyway, I hardly post fic on journals anymore. I hope I see you around!

your names too unique, l'll find you, l'm still waiting for path and youjr small world fics of cloud and sephiroth, lol

promise me to write the fic as fast and ineffective as possible like the one time l got prescribed one medicine and got given another because of long paralleled lines pretending to be script writing.

then again l can't talk. l writer english in kanji most days.

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