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[Fic] The Mission (26): Uprising

Title: The Mission (26): Uprising
Fandom: FFVII: Crisis Core
Characters: Sephiroth/Genesis/Angeal/Zack/Cloud
Rating: R
Word Count: 3245
The Mission: Prequel | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25

It took some time for Angeal to adjust fully to the little things. With five men frequenting the place, it could get crowded at times. He thought about asking Genesis to get another bathroom put in. The washing machine was so busy it looked ready to give up the ghost. There were squabbles over the remote, food disappeared at an alarming rate, and every five minutes, somebody was fucking.

It couldn’t be helped, he supposed, with five healthy people, still mostly young, raging with mako, hormones or both. Angeal grunted a greeting to Sephiroth and Cloud, got an inattentive grunt in return, and made his way to the bedroom.

Genesis was dozing beneath the covers. This was still fairly new, Genesis turning in early. A dog-eared copy of ‘Loveless’ lay on the pillow beside him. Genesis kept several cheap paperback versions, nearly disposable, fit for bathroom reading, covert conference entertainment and being abandoned in the field if maneuvers left no other choice. Angeal put a pencil in to keep the place and set it down on the nightstand. He studied Genesis’s sleeping face.

“I know it’s you, ‘geal,” Genesis said, never opening his eyes.

Angeal snorted. “Didn’t mean to wake you. What is it? Do I smell?”

“Like yourself. I like it.” Genesis yawned. “Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to get in and warm me up?”

Angeal rolled his eyes. “Just a second. I’m still dressed.” He shed his shirt and got to work on the belts. Genesis opened his eyes and made no attempt to hide his stare. “Enjoying the show?” Angeal asked.

“You know I am.” Genesis shifted over and held the covers up. Angeal made a quick pretense at folding his pants and slid into bed. Genesis made a happy sound, running his hands down Angeal’s back. “So warm.”

Angeal settled in, letting his weight press Genesis into the mattress as they spooned. “Comfy?”

“Mmhmm.” Genesis wriggled a little closer. “Where’s the pup?”

“Out with friends.” Angeal tightened an arm around Genesis, trying to fit skin to skin the way they used to. “Boy’s got to have some interests outside this apartment.” Genesis mumbled his agreement.

Angeal shifted a little, trying to find a spot where his elbow was not bumping on Genesis’s hip. “Does Cloud have any interests?”

Genesis snorted. “I think you know.”

“Besides that.”

“He’s a cadet, Angeal. This is as much of a life as he can have right now.” Genesis felt Angeal frowning against his shoulder. “What? You remember how it was, don’t you? A good meal, a good fuck and some tv, that was plenty back then.”

“I remember we spent time moving around and getting to know people,” Angeal said. “We made friends our own age and rank. We mingled.”

“That we did,” Genesis said, deliberately sultry.

Angeal smacked his rump. “You know what I mean.”

Genesis hissed and wriggled away. “That stung! You have big hands, you know.”

“Sorry.” Angeal rubbed the spot, surprised that Genesis would fuss for such a light whack. He probably wasn’t in the mood. “I’m just concerned he’s not being socialized properly, is all.”

Genesis froze. “This something out of your ‘Care and Training of Young Puppies’ manual?”

Angeal choked. “I do NOT have a-“

“Relax, Angeal.” Genesis rolled over. “Goddess, you’re tense.” He brushed hair out of Angeal’s eyes and slid back a distance to look at the man. “I appreciate that you’re worrying about Cloud, love, but he comes up here of his own accord. If he has enough of being jammed balls to nutsack with his patrol during training, there’s no reason to make him spend even more time with them.”

“I guess.” Angeal slithered in closer, rubbing a hand down Genesis’s back. “I just don’t know that it’s all that healthy to be focused so much on bed games.”

“Pfft, he’s young,” Genesis said. “Give the boy some time for the hormones to settle. He’ll figure out his other interests soon enough.”

“You never took any time to figure out yours,” Angeal said, glancing at the copy of ‘Loveless’.

“Yes, but I’m preternaturally gifted, you see.” Genesis preened. Angeal refrained from spanking him again. “Don’t worry so much about it, love. Cloud’s nowhere near as bad as Sephiroth was at that age and even he figured out what else to do with his time eventually.”

“Guess he did.” Angeal tried to settle down. “So getting blowjobs while that pasta lady is on the tube, that’s Seph’s new thing?”

“No, that’s been going on a while. I don’t get it either.”

Angeal shrugged and pulled Genesis closer. “Maybe he misses tits. Been a while since he’s had a woman in his life.”

“Pasta lady does have a well-formed rack, if you’re into that sort of thing,” Genesis said. He was silent for a moment. “They still at it out there?”

“Last I saw, yes.”

“Good Gaia.” Genesis propped himself up on an elbow to check the clock. “Maybe we should introduce Cloud to new pastimes.”


Angeal was getting used to finding Genesis already asleep. The question was why he was on the couch instead of bed. Angeal shrugged and went to the bedroom to toss his shirt in with the wash.

“Angeal?” Genesis lifted his head. “Come here.” But Angeal had already opened the door.

Sephiroth was so intent on his task that his back bore a sheen of sweat. He leaned back as he moved, tossing hair out of his face as he tightened his grip. Cloud was powerless beneath the gloved hand. He clutched at the bedding and let the force move him, making soft cries with each breath.

Angeal slung his shirt on one shoulder and backed up into the living room again. Genesis sat up. “Told you,” he said, patting a spot in invitation. Angeal blinked and sat down. He relaxed quickly.

“How come you’re not in there watching?” he asked.

“Tired.” Genesis slumped back to the couch. “Plus they deserve their private time. But I think you’re right. Maybe Cloud does need some new interests.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying,” Angeal said. “Not that I don’t appreciate a healthy appetite, but the way you two go at the boy it’s a wonder you haven’t gotten him knocked up.”

Genesis shrugged. “Pity too. Little chickabos would be so cute.” He sighed. “Angeal?”


“I think I’m getting old.”

“Don’t say that, Gen.” Angeal leaned over pat Genesis on the arm. “If you’re getting old, I’m getting old, because I’m not that far behind you.”

“Good, I’ll have company.” Genesis pulled him down. Angeal stretched out as much as he could beside his friend and let slender fingers play with his hair. Genesis exhaled and the fingers went still. “I found a gray hair.” Angeal jerked. “Not on you, silly, on me. This morning.”

Angeal felt a sudden thickness in his throat. “Oh.”

“It’s premature at our age, right?” Genesis asked.

“Should be.” He turned. “Are you sure it wasn’t just the light playing tricks on you.”

“No, it was grey,” Genesis said. “I plucked it right out and there it was, all pale and dead-looking.” He flung an arm across his eyes. “I’m going prematurely grey and I’m not even doing it well.”

Angeal rubbed Genesis’s belly. “It’s not that bad. Seph’s already all grey, if you think about it.”

“No, he’s silver,” Genesis said, pouting. “Shining, miraculous silver. Mine’s going to be all brittle and yellowed-out. I’ll be one hot mess, especially next to him.” He clutched at Angeal’s sweaty shirt for comfort.

Angeal hugged him close. “Maybe it will make you look distinguished.”

Genesis snorted. “That only works if you grey at the temples. This was on the crown. It’s going to be salt-and-paprika all over.” He huffed. “Know anything about hair dye?”

“Not a damned thing,” Angeal said, “but if I start going grey too, I guess we’ll find out.”

Genesis gave him a wry smile. “We can do each other’s then, and afterwards we can do our nails, and get facials and make a whole day of it.”

Angeal rolled his eyes and snuggled in. “You and your day spas.”

“You’re the one talking about people needing interests.” They were both quiet as a guttural cry came from the bedroom. Genesis shook his head. “I was thinking, since Cloud obviously likes having so much power between his legs, maybe I should get him into motorcycles.”

“No, you don’t!” Angeal said. “If he gets a motorcycle, Zack will want one too and he’s dog-stubborn about wearing his helmet as it is.”

“Can’t be easy getting it on over all that hair,” Genesis said. “If you think it would help, I could give him a talk. Wouldn’t be the first time I taught a young man to protect his head.”

Anything Angeal had to say was cut off by Cloud sauntering out wearing just his shorts and a smile. Mako eyes tracked him as he made his way to the kitchen. The men shared a look as they listened to him rummage through the fridge. He came back out soon enough, carrying two cans of soda. One he opened for himself, sipping on the way back.

“You tire Sephiroth out properly in there, chickabo?” Genesis asked.


Angeal could not help thinking that Cloud looked a little too pleased with himself. “Kid’s going to be a terror when he grows up,” he said once Cloud was out of earshot.

“He’s a terror now,” Genesis said and pulled the throw rug over them both.


It was something of a relief that the next time Angeal walked in there was nothing remotely sexual going on. Zack and Cloud were on the couch, cheering on a bike race. Angeal frowned. “Boys, is Sephiroth around?”

Cloud shook his head. “No, he’s out for a couple days. He left a note on the fridge.”

“Where’s Gen?”

“Reading in bed,” Zack said, shoveling macaroni and cheese into his mouth.

Angeal frowned some more. “Pup,” he said. Zack looked up, licking too-bright processed cheese from the corner of his lips. Angeal sighed. “Chew your food.” He left the boys to their sports and went looking for Genesis.

“Loveless again?” he asked, closing the door.

“It never gets old.” Genesis was propped up on a multitude of fluffy pillows and swathed in layers of fleece blankets. “I’m glad you’re here, though,” he said, setting the book aside. “I’m horny and I don’t want to do the work. Suck my dick, will you.”

Angeal sputtered. “Well, that’s romantic.”

“Oh, please, ‘geal?” Genesis pleaded. “I really need it.” He might have batted his eyelashes a little.

Angeal never could turn down that look, even if he knew how wicked the mind was behind it, but he wasn’t in the mood for oral just yet. “How about a hand job?”

“Yeah, whatever, I’m not picky.” Genesis tossed the covers aside, revealing the need for the rush.

Angeal stripped down and slid in. He put one hand on Genesis and got a healthy moan. “Lube?”

“Mmm, use the lotion. It’s thicker.”

Angeal took the apple lotion from the nightstand and squirted some into his palm. He put some on Genesis’s hip too. “Getting a little dry spot there.”

“Yeah, that’s been stubborn lately.” Genesis guided Angeal’s hand back to the pertinent area and melted into the mattress. “Goddess, that’s so good.”

“Glad you approve,” Angeal said, pressing a kiss to one bare shoulder. “Hmm.”


“You been eating enough lately?”

“Yes.” The word became a hiss until Genesis caught his breath. “When I can get it away from the pets, anyway.” The look in his eye showed he was only teasing but the worry on Angeal’s face didn’t go away.

“Should I cook more?”

“If you want,” Genesis breathed. He turned on his side and pulling Angeal along. “Can’t have too many leftovers these days. Oh, don’t stop, ‘geal.”

Angeal brushed his lips against Genesis’s earlobe and kept going. Genesis writhed on the bed, breathing slow and hard until the fire faded. “Gen,” Angeal asked, his hand still trapped between Genesis’s thighs. “You okay?”

Genesis did not answer. Alarmed, Angeal propped himself up and took a look. Genesis had fallen asleep without climaxing, leaving Angeal stuck in an awkward position with a hand full of softening cock. The door swung open before Angeal could even think about how to extricate himself.

“Whoa, Angeal,” Zack said, eyes wide. “If you’re that hard up for it, I’ll put out.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to molest the poor guy in his sleep,” Cloud said.

“He was awake when we started this!” Angeal tried not to snap. He thought he failed but Cloud’s eyes softened. Cloud approached the bed.

“He fell asleep on you too, huh?” Cloud said, petting Genesis’s thigh. “He dozed off inside me a couple days ago.”

Zack looked uncomfortable. He cleared his throat. “He has been kind of tired lately. He doesn’t jump me in the shower anymore.”

“Me either,” Cloud said, looking rather sad.

Angeal leaned over Genesis, studying the face he knew so well. “Looking a little pale there too, don’t you think?”

“Yeah.” Cloud and Zack sat on the bed and pondered their redheaded SOLDIER.

“Maybe he needs more iron,” Zack said.

“I could try that.” Angeal said, already planning a menu. “You guys going to help me fatten him up?”

“Sure!” Zack said.

Cloud nodded. “But first, let’s help you let go of his dick.”


Sephiroth came in and snapped to alert. “I smell liver.”

Zack and Cloud were huddled together on the couch, seeking comfort in each other’s touch. Cloud looked up. “Angeal’s cooking liver and onions,” he said.

Sephiroth felt his stomach turn. “What in the world for?”

“Genesis needs more iron,” Zack said, “so now Angeal is cooking liver.”

“For everybody?” Sephiroth asked. The boys nodded.

“Genesis said he’d take a supplement,” Cloud said.

“But Angeal insists that it’s best from a food source,” Zack finished. They pulled the one large blanket tighter around themselves.

Sephiroth heard the argument going on in the kitchen. “This is cruel, Angeal! I don’t care how much iron there is. It’s a whole lot of fat too!”

“You need some fattening up, Gen.” Angeal said. “It’s good, hearty homecooking too. You’ll feel better, trust me.”

“I’ll feel like sludge just got deposited in my arteries! I am not eating that!”

“I made it for you, so you’re eating it!”

“Don’t mother me, Angeal!” Genesis said. “I am not your child!”

“Good thing too,” Angeal said. “If you were my kid, I’d spank you for turning down good food. Eat your liver!”


Sephiroth beckoned to the boys on the couch. Cloud moved first and Zack followed, trying to stay close to the comforting warmth. Sephiroth looked back over his shoulder as he herded them to the door. “I think a tactical retreat is in order. How does pizza sound?”

“Great!” Zack tried not to be too loud.

“Are we leaving a SOLDIER behind?” Cloud said.

“Yes, but don’t worry,” Sephiroth said. “He’s fought this foe before.” They slid through a gap in the door, listening to the battle as they made their escape.

“You are going to owe me so much for this, Angeal!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll suck your dick, but only if you clean your plate!”


“Zack, get the frosting out of the fridge for me, will you?” Angeal got his spatula out. The cake was cool and ready.

“Um....” Zack’s hind end wagged back and forth as he ducked down to look. “Milk chocolate or dark?”

“Milk,” Angeal said. “Dark is Gen’s thing, you know.”

“Oops,” Zack said. He kept his face firmly in the fridge. “Weren’t you making this cake for Gen? You know, for the liver thing?”

“Yes,” Angeal said, waving his spatula, “but I don’t have to make it too good for him.”

Zack crushed the urge to ask how dinner had turned out. He handed the container over without a word. It felt too light in Angeal’s hand. “Huh. I didn’t think we were out already.” He popped the lid and looked inside. Only the lightest smear of chocolate was left around the sides and there wasn’t much at the bottom. “What happened here? We just got this the other day. It can’t be finished.”

“Um…” Zack scratched his head.

Angeal crossed his arms. “Got something to tell me, pup?”

“Uh, yeah.” Zack had tanned a little on his last assignment but there was a pink undertone showing through.

“You didn’t just eat this all with a spoon, did you?” Angeal got his ‘Empty Calories and Tooth Decay’ lecture ready.

Zack shook his head. “No, we didn’t. Not with a spoon.”


“Me and Cloud.”

Angeal’s eyes narrowed in his best Inspection Stare. Zack didn’t fidget but Angeal saw the gulp. Eventually Angeal let him off the hook. “You two didn’t stick anything in here that shouldn’t be near food, right?”

“No, sir!”

Angeal sighed, defeated by circumstance. He set the container down and ruffled Zack’s head. “Get me the dark chocolate then and you can have the rest of this. But just this once, okay?”

Zack yipped.


“Angeal.” The voice was a breath in the dark. “Will you still love me when I’m not beautiful anymore?”

“You’ll always be beautiful, Gen.” Angeal pulled him closer. “I’ll always love you.”

“Even when I’m all grey, and maybe tinting my hair blue like a little old lady?”

“Gen, if I could love you after the liver thing, I’ll love you forever. Now go to sleep.”


Angeal came out with a towel slung over his shoulders. Genesis really was putting him through his paces with this payback thing. It was, at least, a win-win scenario, and Genesis slept like a fairytale princess afterwards. Angeal allowed himself a private smile at the thought.

The television was on but the volume was very low. Sephiroth never needed the volume too high. Zack had dozed off on the couch at some point, flat on his belly. Cloud was asleep too, settled comfortably on Sephiroth’s lap.

For once, Sephiroth had his eyes somewhere other than the screen. His brows furrowed down while he tried to tug Cloud’s sleeve further down the wrist on one hand. Angeal watched the resignation grow on Sephiroth’s face. He heard the quiet sigh.

“Everything okay, Seph?”

“He’s growing,” Sephiroth said. His fingers brushed the exposed skin on Cloud’s thin wrists. “He’ll be too big for my lap soon.”

“Young men do have a way of sprouting up,” Angeal said, eyeing the strip of skin that showed beneath Zack’s t-shirt. Sephiroth’s shoulders drooped. “Hey,” Angeal said, “Cloud’s not built to get too big now, is he? Didn’t he say his mother’s pretty small?”

“But we have no idea what his father’s like. What if it kicks in later and he turns into a three-hundred pound bruiser?”

Angeal took in the slender limbs intertwined with Sephiroth’s. It could happen…. “I really doubt he’s got that in him, but would you love him less for it?”

Sephiroth actually looked offended. “He’s my Cloud,” he said, tightening his arms around the boy. “I just want to be able to hold him.”

“Well, you can’t stop young men from growing, but I’ll tell you what.” Angeal looked towards the bedroom. “No matter how big your baby gets, he’ll always need some babying.”
Tags: m/m, pairing: angeal/genesis, pairing: sephiroth/cloud, stories, the mission

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  • [Fic] The Mission (30): Air Support

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