I had all these grand plans

For the next six months I was going to work hard and play hard, finish Path, including the retooling, maybe do something serious with these flip-side ideas I keep having, where one plot idea wants to be dealt with in two very different ways. 'Fly Away' and 'New Life' were one such pair. There's one pair I'm calling 'Ghost in the attic' for now, and another that's been on my To-Do list as AeriSeph-Wutai Connection for years. I was going to set aside time for quilting and embroidery, and recover from the stomach ulcer, the saccades, diplopia, eyestrain, migraines, stress rash, cracked lips and thankfully reversible stage tooth decay (from drinking oversweetened strong tea and coffee and passing out on the books without brushing the sugar away).

But seems despite all the symptoms, the last month and a half went better than I thought it would. Today I had paperwork to fill out and was able to do this for the very first time:
So I get two weeks and then I have to go do that. Oh life, forever getting in the way of fandom.

[Fic] After the Fall (Ch. 3)

Title: After the Fall
Chapter: Three
Fandom: FFVII (Marriageverse AU)
Characters: Aeris/Sephiroth, OCs, Cast.
Rating: PG
Words: 3235
Previous: Prologue | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2
Notes: This chapter was getting too long compared to the rest so I had to split it. One more plus epilogue to go.
Summary: Sephiroth and Aeris try to hold their marriage together after a devastating loss.

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Planning a subtotal rewrite

I know there aren't too many AeriSeph fans left reading this space but it may be of some interest to those of you still around. Last night/this morning I opened up Path of Seduction for my first reread in I don't know how long, too long, and came to the conclusion that it reads like it was written by a 19 year old. Because it was. I do want to finish it, but stylistically it wouldn't match because I don't write like that anymore, and couldn't and wouldn't besides. I've decided not to do a full rewrite because life needs living and that fic took everything I had to give while it was active. So I'll be going back over the chapters and doing some serious editing at some point, and clearing up some rough points that I've learned to recognize over the years.

The plot won't change, major events will stay the same, I'll just be reworking some of the prose. Because it's not all bad, on occasion I come across a phrase and think, "I wrote that? Neat." But Chapter 1 in particular does not represent what the fic could be by its conclusion, and Chapter 1 is how you put butts in seats, fic-wise. This might seem like complaining about nothing because it's that same Chapter 1 that worked for so long. But it doesn't feel like me anymore, so Project Path Update is on the table, being stared at long and hard.


Border of Taboo by xLilly White
Rating R
Current Chapter Count: 21
Author's Summary: Aeris becomes a courtesan of the Honeybee Inn for lack of money. It's the slums after all. But all too soon she gets sucked into a dangerous world of envy and lust, where it's impossible to remember who's using who. Genesis/Aeris/Sephiroth triangle.

Why I recommend it: This fic, to me, is a great example of world-building within a world. Aspects of the game that were only hinted at are explored and expanded upon in depth while a solid political conspiracy plot drives the suspense and action. Aeris' work is not glossed over or romanticized in the least. She is a whore. And Sephiroth is an asshole of goatse proportions. And yet they are completely recognizable as themselves, with all their own motivations and flaws, something that doesn't happen too often in fic when an author decides to stray from the usual fandom portrayal. There is depth to these characters, and growth. The OCs are intriguing in their own right, the threesome dynamic is wonderfully complex, the sex is hot and the developing relationships touching. This is Midgar, remixed and served raw. Enjoy!